Haier 2.0 Ton 3 Star Split Air Conditioner HSU-22TFW1CN Review

ACs will provide you with a chilling atmosphere during the scorching heat of summer. The AC has got all the smart features that you might expect to buy. One of the most beneficial inventions by Haier to provide best among all to its customers. It will give you a pure and bacteria-free airflow and is also safer as compared to the other products from an environmental point of view.


Copper Condensor Coil

The copper coil makes the product even more durable and efficient to use.  The coil’s sturdy coating helps to provide resistance against corrosion and keeps the product rust free.

Data display

The functions can be seen on the data screen provided at the front of the inverter. So the settings can be changed accordingly using the remote control. The intelligent temperature sensor provides an accurate reading on the digital display.

Dust filter

All the germs and dust particles are purified by the air filter of the ac to provide a clean and safe airflow.

Large capacity

The AC has a capacity of 2.0 ton. It is energy-efficient and boasts an energy rating of 3 stars. It is ideal for a large-sized room.

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What Do We like


The R410A refrigerant helps to save a lot of electricity by providing a reduction in power consumption and also provides protection against ozone layer depletion.

Instant cooling effect

Get an instant chill as soon as the AC gets started without having to wait for a more extended period until the room gets cold.

Cool and relaxing effect

The AC gives the most comfortable chill breeze effect with also gives an energy-saving solution and provides an instant response to the operations.

Advanced performance

The product provides a wide range of airflow up to 15 meters and also provides a stable distribution of air which cools the area effectively and maintains a very low noise operation.

Remote controlled

The AC has got a remote to control its functions from a distance without having to get up frequently.

What We Don’t Like

Installation charges are excluded

Once you get the product delivered, you have to pay extra charges for its installation process.

Made from plastic material

The device is constructed from a plastic material. Thus, the quality of the material is less attractive as compared to the other products.


Apart from being an energy-efficient, the product also protects against ozone layer depletion. Hence, it is beneficial to the environment. Also, the product provides an instant chilling effect and gives a widespread cooling airflow.

The dust filter of the AC helps to keep the product clean and kills all the germs and bacteria present in the air. All the other functions can be adjusted from the data display screen given at the front of the product.

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Aarohi Rodi

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