Godrej 2.3 Ton 3 Star GSC 30 DGN 3 DWQH Split AC Review

Godrej presents its Split AC with a non-inverter compressor, which makes it affordable compared to inverter split AC. The product has a capacity of 2.3 Ton, which makes it suitable for large-sized rooms (151 sq ft to 200 sq. ft). It got a 3 Star rating in BEE star chart, which means that its annual energy consumption is around 1581.5 units.

The product Condenser Coil is made up of Copper, which facilitates better cooling and requires low maintenance as it does not corrode easily. The product has 4 Way Air Technology which means which blows the cool air in multiple directions to ensure that you get cooling in every part. This helps in covering ample space in a short duration.


Active carbon filter & Anti-bacterial filter

The filter has extracts of green tea, which deactivates bacteria & prevent unpleasant odors. It makes a virus use its surrounding spikes to attach itself and infect them, which disrupts their contagious ability. Also, it helps to capture airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, spores, bacteria, and viruses, which improve air quality.

Anti-microbial self-cleaning

The product eliminates moisture from the surface using the Healthy Auto blow function. It is specially designed to prevent the growth of micro-organisms, which can cause damage to the functioning of AC. This technology works on the elimination of moisture in the indoor area.

Low  global warming refrigerant

The company is using R32 refrigerant so that it can reduce the damage caused by gases released by the AC in the air. R32 has Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and Low Global Warming Potential, which makes this Godrej AC sustainable and also helps in creating a greener planet.

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What Do We like

Precise cooling &  Dust Filter

The product is equipped with a filter that helps to remove particles such as pollen, hair, dust, etc. It catches various particles such as dust mites, cigarette smoke & other common pollutants. Elimination of these particles helps increase the lifespan and performance of your AC. It also helps in getting the right temperature.

Silent operation

The standard AC made too much sound, so to eliminate this, the company  has introduced a Multi-layered Acoustic jacket. This jacket fitted in compressor blocks the noise produced by the compressor and also helps protect this component from damage.

What We Don’t Like

External unit

some customers said that the product comes with an external unit of L bracket, which is not readily available and rarely found in the nearby stores. This makes it uncomfortable for the customer. Also, some said that they got some problems regarding the installation of the product.


Godrej air-conditioner has various features such as Active carbon filter & Anti-bacterial filter, Anti-microbial self-cleaning, and Low global warming refrigerant. Pros such as Precise cooling &  Dust Filter & Silent operation make it more feasible for the customer. However, it still needs to solve the issue, such as the External unit.

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Yash Jain

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