Daikin 2.2 Ton 4 Star Inverter FTKP71TV Split AC Review

Daikin has been around for a long time, making great electrical appliances that fit all the needs of its users. Its comprehensive technology has impressive features like the ones in their latest range of split air conditioners.

The Daikin FTKP71TVSplit AC with inverter compressor is the best pick for a large room. It has excellent power cooling that effortlessly cools the entire house within no time.



The Daikin FTKP71TV Split AC has 2.2 Ton capacity. Its colossal ability is suitable for large-sized rooms with an average area of about 151 sq ft to 200 sq. Ft. This works best for offices and huge halls as well.

Energy Rating

With a 4 Star Energy Rating, the Daikin FTKP71TV Split AC can be considered a very efficient power saver. Its annual energy consumption is 1318 units, and its  ISEER Value is  4.17. It’s high energy efficiency saves the cost of electricity bills.

Special Features                                                              

It has a Pm2.5_filter with a stabilizer inside, and a copper condenser coil that helps in better cooling. It requires low maintenance.

Refrigerant gas

The Daikin FTKP71TV Split AC has an R32 Refrigerant gas. It is environment-friendly and causes no ozone depletion potential as well as has low global warming potential.

Coanda Airflow

Coanda airflow makes possible radiant cooling. Its operation gives the best air-conditioning experience by its persuasive air draft that does not fall on your head directly; instead, it steers upward, letting air circulate into the corners of the room.

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What Do We like

Neo Swing Compressor

The neo-swing compressor enables smooth rotation. It decreases friction and vibration. It also restricts leakage of refrigerant gas during compression.

Econo Mode (Power Saving Mode)

The Econo mode processes efficient operation by limiting the maximum power consumption. This comes in handy while the air-conditioner and other electrical devices are simultaneously used on a shared electrical circuit. It helps in reducing your electricity bills.

Stabilizer Inside

The Daikin FTKP71TV Split AC  has a stabilizer Inside function. All Daikin Air-conditioners can perform the step up & step down the role of stabilizers. It means no external stabilizer is required.

Indoor Unit Quiet Operation

The Daikin FTKP71TV Split AC  has ensured a low noise level. It optimizes the speed of the airflow to lower the noise level to give you uninterrupted comfort.

What We Don’t Like

No temperature display on the unit

The temperature is visible appropriately on the remote control but not on the model itself.


The Daikin FTKP71TV Split AC is an Air Conditioner fit for the needs for cooling a large room effortlessly without skyrocketing your bills. It is an eco-friendly Ac, which is very efficient in its job and sure not to let you down when it comes to soundless operation to not affect the great ambiance of your home or office with its operation sound. It has excellent features that comply with its cost value. It is undoubtedly worth its price.

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Hetavi Rudani

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