High end television INR 50000 and above

Are you looking for a high-end television? Do you have a fixed budget or you can extend it to more than 50000? If yes, congratulations, you have a world of choices available in the market.

However, if you are a novice, finding one that suits right within your budget and expectations is a tough task. The only reason is so many options might make you perplexed, and you might end up making an unworthy choice. 

So when you are ready to pay such a handsome amount, you need to make sure that you are placing the right bet. Your first step should know your expectations.

Are you a movie bug, or do you play games most of the time, or do you just want to buy a high-end television that looks great in your living room? 

Understanding your expectations would help you in making the right choice. Whether you are a frequent gamer or movie bug, you would definitely seek for lifelike pictures with more dynamic colors and a sound system.

Whereas, for someone who wants a TV to complement their interior requires a sleek and ultra-shiny look. 

For a movie bug, a television with a great sound system and unmatched picture quality is all they seek for. Unlike previous days, no more you need to limit your expectations, as the manufacturers these days have come up with some of the innovative technologies that can surpass your expectations as a fanatic.

Also, for the gamers, the good news is, the manufacturers have equally taken care of the needs and so as for the people looking for an elegant model with great features. 

To be very true, the market is mammoth and so as your options. This might have a lot of positive points, but on the other hand, too many options lead to making a bad decision. 

So in order to guide you through the buying process, today, we will discuss everything that you can get from the televisions above INR 50000. All you need is just to keep the patience and keep reading.

Many popular brands like Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony, Sanyo, etc. offer top-class television models at this price range.  However, to choose the right one according to your preference kindly refer to the buying guide.

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Features That You Can Expect in TVs Above INR 50000:

While buying a high-end television, you need to consider checking the features. The more features, the better will be its quality.

So if you have higher expectations, you can check this section to understand what features will be integrated into the television available above INR 50000. 


  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution: 

When it comes to buying a television, probably the very first feature that we watch is the picture quality. You can stay assured that most of the options at this budget will be 4K Ultra HD pictures.

This means now you can unleash the thrill with your favorite TV serial with unmatched clarity. Each and every pixel present in this TV is wonderfully enhanced by the 4K technology. 

Whether you talk about the color, contrast, edges, or texture of each scene, with this picture technology, you can watch lifelike details without compromising.

If you recently have sold your boring aged television, then the difference in the picture quality, you can observe with your own eyes. 

  • 49 Inches and above:

Before going into the internal features, we check the exterior. And what is the first thing that we observe? The size of the television.

Undeniably one of the most crucial aspects to consider while buying a television. If you are looking for a television that can convert your living room no less than a theatre, you require going for the huge screen size. 

Having your expectations set high, you can stay assured that the price range will surely full and surpass your expectations. Most of the high-end televisions available above INR 50000 has a minimum of 49 inches and can range higher to 65 inches and more.

Truly, it’s gigantic and undeniably will offer mesmerizing television experience. 

  • LED TV:

Most of the televisions that are available above INR 50000 is integrated with the LED TV technology.

You should be aware by now that this technology is undoubtedly one of the leading technologies in the market due to its remarkable picture quality. LEDs truly are ruling the market. 

However, if you can extend your budget to much higher levels, you will be provided the opportunity to own the latest buzz in the market, which are the OLED TVs.

These are so far one of the finest TV technologies that offer outstanding picture quality. 

With the 8 million pixels on the screen, you can find significantly better visuals with no blurry images, pure blacks, true colors, and exceptional viewing angles. 

  • 3 HDMI & 3 USB and above:

No more TVs are just TVs as these days we all seek for televisions that offer more variants. To enjoy your TV to the fullest, all you need is the right number of connections. 

Whether you are a gamer or a movie bug, you would like to attach an external sound system, and most preferably, a USB might become handy at times of personal use.

Without port availability, it won’t be possible for you to enjoy. 

With the televisions at this range, you can stay assured that you will acquire a minimum of 3USB and 3HDMI ports. This will help you to connect as many devices like sound system, gaming consoles, and much more without any limitations. 

  • Ultra Slim:

When someone is ready to pay such a handsome amount, they would definitely look forward to finding a TV that does not look like a box.

Fortunately, not only because of the price range but these days, manufacturers are more into making a sleek body with a fantastic design that suits the interior décor. 

When buying a TV at such a price range, you can stay assured that you will be obtaining sleek and shiny smooth designs that will mesmerize you and complement your interior. 

  • 178 Viewing Angle:

Most of the common problems with the sleek LCD televisions witnessed by the people were unable to watch the picture in its actual quality while sitting on the sides. Only the person in the center is able to enjoy the real picture quality.

This is definitely not what we all seek when buying a television. 

This is the reason why these days, the televisions have 178 degrees of viewing angle. Hence no matter where you sit, you will always be able to see the pictures just the same way as the person in the center.

With the new age televisions, no one needs to compromise. 

  • Smart TV:

Televisions these days are more than just a television as they have become Smart to understand your needs.

With the Smart features being integrated into these TVs, you can enjoy all the features.

Whether you want a TV that would have apps installed, or provide you gaming options or lets you browse the social media platforms with ease, these TVs can do it all. 

You can switch to Netflix from your regular TV channels with just a click. Also, with the Smart Plug and Play, you can easily watch your Smartphone’s content in your large screen Smart TV.

Share music, photos, and videos from multiple devices. 

  • 2 Speakers and more:

As mentioned above, we all want unmatched picture quality along with a fantastic sound system. 

To help users enjoy their TV experience, they have integrated speakers of 20W.

Most of the television available in the market at this price have 2 speakers integrated that allows you to enjoy the movies. 

However, if you want a theatre-like experience, you need an external speaker to enjoy a better experience. 

  • Wi-Fi and Ethernet:

The television available above INR 50000 has been integrated with other connectivity systems as well. Being more than just television, these devices have been integrated with both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. 

Yes, you read it right; both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity has been integrated, which means your TV will get access to the internet.

If you wish, you can use an Ethernet cable or run it wireless using the Wi-Fi feature. 

  • 60Hz and above Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is the number of times the television refreshes to ensure a better quality picture. 

It is said that people who love watching television, for them 60Hz is great, but if you are a gamer, you need more refresh rates.

As gaming means a faster picture and which more refresh rate, there will be no blurry images. 

Fortunately, the television available above INR 50000 has more than 60HZ of refresh rate. Some television brands offer 120 Hz while other 240Hz: the more, the better for you. 

  • HDR Support:

HDR or the High Dynamic Ratio is a great label on the television. Well, undoubtedly, this is again related to the picture quality.

This offers the ultimate picture quality. Amazing clarity is defined by detailed pictures with colors and brightness. 

When 4K UHD TVs are combined with the HDR content, you can enjoy exceptional picture details. More lifelike pictures are available with the finest details and brilliant highlights. 

  • Voice Command:

Undoubtedly you will be provided with a high-end remote control system.

Unlike the previous days, no more, you need to keep pressing the keys, as with the new features, the TV is able to understand your command via remote control.

Hence, all you need is to say your command, and your TV will easily be able to understand and show you what you need. 

  • Inbuilt Operating System:

These days most of the televisions are integrated with an operating system. Just like computers and laptops, your television is more than just a television.

With a powerful operating system, you can now enjoy your TV and use it as a personal computer at the same time. 

Short Comparison:

FeaturesTVs Above INR 50000TVs Below INR 50000
Display Resolution4K UHD (3840 x 2160)Full HD (1920 x 1080)
Display PanelOLED and LEDLED
Inputs3 HDMI and 3 USB and more2HDMI and 2USB and less
HDRYesYes (Few Models)
Refresh Rate60Hz, 120 Hz and 240Hz60Hz
Size49 Inch to 75 Inches24 Inches to 49 Inches
Warranty2 Years1 Year

Note: This comparison table is created to provide you with a rough knowledge of the features that are available above 50K. However, it may vary from one brand to another. 

Smart Buying Guide for You:

So, now when you are ready to purchase a new television, you will definitely look for something with great features. If this is the first time you are opting to buy a high-end television, you need to consider everything more than just the price. 

Let us take a quick look at the things that you should never skip checking while buying a television above INR 50000. 

  • Panel Type and Size:

Undoubtedly the prime factor that you will primary notice is the size of the TV, which is expressed in inches. This is the diagonal measurement, which is taken from one corner to the opposite. 

The TVs available in the market are in a range of sizes, which start from 32 inches and end to 75 inches and more. Well, 32 inches is small for a large living room, but you can stay assured that at this price range, you will be provided with size options starting from 49 inches and above. 

However, size is not everything. When you find a 55-inch TV that has a price tag similar to 65-inch, you can stay assured of getting a superior image panel.

Most of the television available in the market makes use of LCD with the LED backlight. 

This backlight has a direct impact on the image quality, which ensures improved LED lights, fine illumination control, can subtly illuminate the panel for a superior picture. 

If you can pay a little more, you can opt for the OLED. This is the design that is similar to the phone, which incorporates backlight into every pixel and color changing RGB cell. 

How to choose the size?

To decide the size, you need to first understand the viewing distance.

 If the viewing distance is 4 to 6 feet, then you can buy 32-inch. 

If viewing distance is 5-8feet, choose the television of 40/42 inch. 

If the distance if 6-9 feet, best would be to choose panel 46/49 inches. 

For other sets that are more than 50 inches, the distance needs to be above 8 feet.  

  • 4K Resolution: 

Now in 2020, when you opt for buying a television, you would not be able to find TVs that do not have 4K resolution. 4K resolution means four-time of 1080p, which was the previous standard for the high standard video with a total of 3840 x 2160. 

It is not easy to find 4K content, but as the demand is rising, thanks to the physical media such as 4K Blu-ray movies along with upgraded consoles like PlayStation 4 Pro and ()Xbox One X(). 

Now when you have decided to buy a new TV, probably all of them will be 4K resolution unless you choose something which is less than 40 inches. 

You need to keep in mind that pixel numbers are not responsible for picture quality, but the pixel density. 

If you buy a 48 inch 4K TV and 24 inches 1080p TV, the quality will be almost similar. When you are buying upgraded sizes, you definitely need 4K resolution to observe in detail. 

  • Contrast Ratio: 

As you know that the contrast ratio is actually the difference between the lightest lights and the darkest of darks. This is generally expressed as 1000:1 and higher.

A higher contrast ratio means more vibrant pictures, especially during the dark scenes. 

Unfortunately, it is hard to define the contrast ratio as it lacks standardization, so comparing it is almost useless.

The only way to differentiate is to check similar video clips on different TVs and check which one offers the brightest of whites and the deepest of blacks. 

  • High Dynamic Ratio:

HDR or the High Dynamic Ratio started from the photography technique, which makes use of multiple photos from the same subject, which are clicked at different light exposures.

The only reason is to bring the vibrant colors in the combined images. This is still being utilized with photos, but now the technology has made great progress. 

HDR TVs generally work with different video source standards, but one needs to be mindful that videos should be created in the HDR software.

Only then, one can witness the real advantage. This generally is indicated with “HDR-capable Blu-ray movies and also the new gaming consoles. 

Almost all the latest televisions coming up in the market has this new feature integrated into it. The only intention to help people enjoy a better and enhanced experience. 

  • Refresh Rate:

The refresh rate is another important thing to notice while buying a new television. This is the number of images being displayed every second.

Most of the latest TVs are being provided with 60 Hertz, and if you can pay extra, you might get even better of 120Hz and 240Hz. 

You will not be able to find the difference most of the time, as any movie or TV content is displayed at 30 or 24Hz.

But if you are going to connect a gaming console, you require better for a seamless display of the contents. TVs with 120Hz and 240Hz are much better. 

If you are someone who loves fast motion pictures and gaming, you should definitely look for a more refresh rate. Gamers generally are satisfied with 60Hz, but the latest gaming consoles require more than 60Hz. 

  • Inputs:

When we talk about inputs, it means everything that you can plug into the television except the power cord. Most of the latest TVs have made it easy by offering 3HDMI ports and more. 

Always keep a note that not all the HDMI are similar. Some 4K televisions has1 HDMI, which can receive the 4K resolution, and therefore you will look for models which such ports but in multiple numbers. 

Other input options include Ethernet, USB, to be able to connect to the internet or easily transfer data from your computer to the TV. With more inputs, it actually provides you with much freedom to connect as many devices as you want without any limitations. 

  • Smart Software: 

Most of the latest televisions are Smart TVs.

This actually means that the TV comes with all the pre-loaded software and also has the freedom to download the apps for video streaming like Netflix and Hulu. 

Even then, not all Smart TVs are equally created. There is Roku, which is generally available in brands like Philips, TCL, Sharp, RCA, and Sanyo, along with various others. 

Next is Android TV, which is the inbuilt interface of Sony TVs and also in some other brands. There is some other software as well. All you need is to check before buying one. 

With Apple TV as an exception, most of the Smart TVs have apps for video services. In case you don’t like a smart system, you always have the freedom to plug in the standalone device into the HDMI ports and use it. 

  • Sound:

There is no doubt that the televisions available in the market are getting thinner each and every day. This again means the manufacturers have less room for installing great built-in speakers.

You would be surprised to know that the old TVs had great speakers who were not good on LCD TVs. But now, with the large and expensive models, you can again ensure getting the best sound quality. 

Most of the televisions have been equipped with 2 and more speakers of 20W, which actually offers decent sound quality.

However, if you want even better, buying and connecting the sound system is always an open option for you. 

  • Wireless Connectivity:

This is another option for you, and Internet connectivity is another with multiple advantages. You can easily get access to multimedia content, social networking sites, and in some cases, you will also be able to make video calls.

You require checking the built Wi-Fi or support the external USB dongles. This enables connecting the home Wi-Fi network along with using it to stream the video or audio content on TV. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Which TV brand should I prefer at a price range of above 50k?

Well, this obviously depends on your preference. If you are a brand concern, then you can definitely go for it, but make sure you make an in-depth reason before choosing the brand and its model.

Some of the most common models include Samsung, Sony, TCL, LG, and Vizio. You opt for any models from these brands, but then again, detailed reading about the features is always recommended. 

  • Is curved TV better than ordinary flat TV?

Genuinely, there is little to no difference between both the designs. Curved TVs are even more sensitive to the reflections, and a major drawback is their limited viewing angle. 

Whereas flat TVs have a wide viewing angle along with enhanced picture quality. Moreover, these Curved TVs are expensive than the flat models so it will be a feasible option to choose a flat TV in this range. 

  • What is the minimum contrast ratio required to enjoy the picture quality?

Firstly, you need to understand that the contrast ratio is actually the ratio of the luminance of darkest black and brightest white, which TVs can produce. More contrast ratio is always better for deeper blacks and thereby makes a huge difference in the picture quality.

So now coming to your answer. Generally, most of the TVs have a 1000:1 contrast ratio, which is good for the viewers. 

  • Why QLED or OLED TVs are so expensive?

The TV panel is a crucial indicator when it comes to image quality. Most modern TVs make use of the LED, which delivers many colors.

The latest models make use of advanced technology like the QLED or OLED. 

The reason these are so expensive because of the enhanced color range.

Not only these technologies offer brighter colors, but also the contrast ratios are much higher, thereby ensuring a better picture. 

  • What should be the best viewing angle?

Most of the televisions have viewing angles of 178 degrees, which is pretty decent quality.

This means irrespective of the angle the viewer is sitting, they will be able to watch television with picture quality similar to the one sitting in the center position.

Therefore, you can rely on 178 degrees of viewing angle. 

  • Should I buy these high-end TVs online?

Yes, why not. You have so many options available online these days, and no doubt, Amazon is one of the most reliable websites. 

  • I am a gamer, what should be my lookout for connectivity?

The more the number of inputs, the more will be your options. It is great if the TV has more than 3 HDMI ports and 3 USB. You will get the chance to input more devices at the same time, including gaming consoles. 

Bottom Line: Buying a TV can be a tough endeavor for most of us. Options have actually make choices harder, and in order to help you choose the right one without having any regrets later, this guide is created by the experts. 

No matter whatever is your price range, it is always advisable to take a look into its features and also the warranty. 

Hopefully, the selection will be a lot easier now. So go ahead and make your choice. 

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