Sony 43 Inches Full HD LED Smart Android TV KDL-43W800F Review

Android Smart TVs are a new age TV model that has made entertainment fun, instant and easy to find. Sony a leading manufacturer of smart TVs and other entertainment based electronics has brought us another great innovative product. The Sony Smart Android TV KDL-43W800F comes with an LED screen of 43” providing you and your family a wide angle view.

The Full HD display powered by X-Reality Pro technology ensures a detailed and HDR picture quality that is teamed with clarity. The stunning visual is paired with an immersive surround sound with a ClearAudio+ feature that brings the content to life in this sony tv. Not only this, Android Smart TV is the intelligent way of gaining access to a wide range of series, movies, videos and more from different sources.

You can also share and collaborate your favorite music tracks on your smart TV that is protected against the surge, lightning, and humidity. There are many more features that make this model a recommended choice. We now provide a detailed list of features, pros, and cons to help you make a smart choice.

Features of Sony 43 Inches Full HD LED Smart Android TV

43” Full HD Display with HDR Technology

This model comes with a 43 inch Full HD display that provides you a detailed and textured picture quality. The display ensures reduction of noise with a greater impact so that you get a more clear image. The display is also powered by an HDR technology that helps in increasing the contrast between the darkest blacks and brightest whites of every scene.

It enhances the color and natural tone while providing accuracy to every pixel so that you obtain a more realistic viewing experience. It ensures a dynamic picture quality for you to enjoy thrilling entertainment.

X-Reality Pro

The display is enhanced because of the X-Reality Pro Picture processing technology. This helps in analyzing each frame so that the scenes are refined with the reduction of noise. It provides clarity of the image while enhancing the details of every scene and character displayed.

Bass Reflex Speaker

It comes with built-in compact box bass reflex speakers that produce an intense, deep and rich sound. This ensures that you get the best life-like viewing experience while watching movies, sports or even music. You receive a more focused and efficient sound quality with clarity in details.

Fine-Tuned Sound with ClearAudio+

The ClearAudio+ feature helps you listen to music and dialogues of a movie. It helps in producing an enriched surround sound by fine-tuning the TV audio. This helps you in achieving a more life-like feel while watching your desired content on the 43” Full HD LED screen.

Android Based TV

The Operating system of this model is Android-based giving you faster, easier and simpler access to your favorite contents on various platforms and apps. It has access to the Google Play store from which you can download any game of your choice and begin playing on the big screen. Google play store also allows you to download various apps like NetFlix, YouTube or Amazon Prime for streaming unlimited entertainment.

Built-In Chromcast

This Sony Bravia model comes with a built-in chromecast feature that helps you display your desired entertainment from your smartphone or laptop. You can cast YouTube or Netflix videos from your device on to the big screen of your TV and continue with your daily chores while the video plays on the TV.

IR Blaster Controller

The IR Blaster is the Bravia Remote that allows you to control both your TV and DTH with a single remote from the comfort of your couch. This remote also allows you to control the various functions of your smart TV including voice search, content bar, the multi-Indian Languages, Google Play store, etc.

Multi-Indian Languages

This feature allows you to select the regional language of your preference. This makes the operation of this Smart TV convenient for those who lack the knowledge of English.

Content Bar

This feature allows you to browse through videos, movies or more while still watching TV. This provides faster access and finds to the content you are looking for. It also allows you to personalize the content bar always to show you your most-watched TV show or movie.

Let us look into the specifications of this model:

Screen Size43” or 108 cm
ResolutionFull HD, 1920 x 1080 Pixels
DisplayLED with HDR Technology, X-Reality Pro
Refresh Rate50 Hertz
Audio10 Watt Output, Bass Reflex Speaker, ClearAudio+
Operating SystemAndroid-based
Smart FeaturesContent Bar, Chromecast, Google Play, Voice Search, Notify BRAVIA app
Connectivity Ports4 HDMI, 3 USB
Connector TypeBuilt-In Wifi
Remote ControlIR Blaster
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Slice of Living Design With Cable Management- The model comes with a slim, narrow frame and an aluminum finish that enhances the look of your modern living room. It fits into the room easily and provides a great viewing experience in the relaxing comfort of your living space. It also comes with an induced cable holder that hold the cables and keeps them hidden from view. This gives your TV corner a more tidy look with no distraction while watching your favorite content.
  • Voice Search Option- The voice search option allows you to search for the content you desire to watch by just speaking its name. This makes you find and browse through contents much more easily without any consumption of time. This feature lets you spend more time watching your favorite movie or series instead of wasting your valuable time in searching for them.
  • The Notify BRAVIA app- The Notify BRAVIA app can be easily downloaded from Google Play. You simply have to connect your TV and smartphone on the same network so that you receive all your call, text message notifications and social media update. This prevents you from missing out on anything important while watching TV.
  • TV Music Box- This music sharing app allows you to collaborate your favorite tracks from a number of smartphone devices. You can also create collaborative playlists, share them with users and also control them using your smartphone.
  • Extra Protection TV- This is a durable TV that comes with advanced protection for protecting it from surges. The primary capacitor of this model protects it against unstable electricity while the circuit board has an anti-humidity coating that prevents short-circuits when it comes into contact with moisture.
  • Inbuilt apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.- You can enjoy the latest movies, series, videos from different genres using Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other apps. This model is even in the Netflix recommended Tv List, making it the best choice for the entertainment.

What Don’t We Like

  • Refresh Rate of 50 Hertz- It does not come with the standard rate of 60 frames per second that ensures a more fluid motion and performance of the TV. The model has a refresh rate of 50 Hertz only while most smart TVs these days come with a refresh rate of 120 Hertz.


The Sony 43” Full HD  LED Smart Android TV KDL-43W800F comes with some pros and great features that focuses on providing you with the best visual and audio experience. The Android-based operating system ensures that you gain access to unlimited entertainment in the fastest and smartest way.

Thus, if the price is not a restraint this strong and durable Android Smart TV from Sony is an ideal choice.

Anaida Sutherland

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