TCL 65 inches X4 65X4US 4K QLED Smart TV Review

We provide the detailed review of the TCL 65 Inches X4 65X4US 4K QLED Smart TV for those in search of the best smart TV models.

The TCL X4 65X4US is a gray color QLED Certified Android Smart TV model that features a 65-inch screen with a 4 K Ultra HD display. The model ensures a realistic viewing experience with enhanced color and detailed picture quality because of its HDR and Quantum Dot function.

The model also comes with one of the best surround sound quality because of its powerful Harman Kardon speakers and Dolby audio. You get to enjoy entertainment from various sources on a single platform because of its smart features powered by the Android N based Operating System.

Moreover, the ultra-slim design with a narrow bezel and black body finish make it a stand-out in any living room. It maximizes the view to ensure the best visual experience for you and your family. We now explain the features, pros, and cons of this TCL QLED Android Smart TV model in details.

Features for TCL 65 inches X4 65X4US 4K QLED Smart TV

65” 4 K UHD

The model comes with a large screen size of 65 inches along with a resolution four times more than that of a conventional Full HD display(3840 x 2160). The Ultra HD display provides you a clear and detailed picture quality while displaying an image with a resolution of more than 8 million pixels. This ensures a stunning visual experience.

Quantum Dot Technology

This TCL model is powered with a QLED or a Quantum Dot technology that produces more than a billion colors. It also features an NTS color range that enhances the volume of the color while ensuring an incredible picture quality. Hence, you observe visually with a more life-like feel to it.

Detailed Image with HDR

The HDR Pro technology highlights the lighter and darker shades of the image with accuracy. This brings the image to life by enhancing the details of the scene ensuring a dazzling viewing experience.

120 Hertz MEMC

TCL Tv has a 120 Hertz MEMC that makes the images flow smoothly. This is teamed with TCL’s software algorithm to allows you to watch a fast-moving action video with detailed picture quality and its full resolution.

Micro Dimming Technology

The micro dimming technology examines the separate zones of the video in order to adjust its dark and light shades. This gives you the best visual with a well-adjusted contrast and an incredible picture quality with vivid colors.

Local Dimming

The local dimming feature increases the contrast ratio of the display accordingly to provide you with a stress-free and comfortable view that soothes your eyes. It enhances the brightness of the scene and also adjusts the lighting with precision.

Certified Google Android N TV

This is an Android TV that has an Android N based Operating system that is certified by Google. It gives you access to Google services including games, voice search, googles play store, etc. You can also stream your favorite Netflix, YouTube and Hotstar contents and enjoy watching them on the big screen of your smart TV.

Harman Kardon Speakers

The model comes with four individual Harman Kardon speakers with a 40watt output. It provides a loud and rich sound with a wider range for a cinematic TV viewing experience. The speakers are also designed in a way that will enhance the look of your TV to meet its aesthetic modern design.

DTS and Dolby Audio

The Harman Kardon speaker is teamed with a DTS Premium and Dolby decoder technology that boosts the sound quality by producing a more surround sound that immerses you into the world of entertainment.TCL 65 X 4 has advance DTS technology. Offering a sound that resembles that of a live studio recording and creates a rich acoustic field.

Quad-Core CPU and Dual Core GPU

The TV comes with a strong Hardware comprising of a Quad-Core CPU and Dual Core GPU. It also comes with a 2.5 GB RAM and 16 GB storage that ensures the smooth and smart performance of this smart TV. You can multi-task on this TV easily without having to worry about it not responding or lagging.

Let us look into the specifications of this TV:

Screen Size65 inches
Display TechnologyQLED or Quantum Dot Technology
Display4 K UHD, Local dimming, HDR Pro, Micro Dimming
Resolution3840 x 2160 p
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Audio40 Watt 4 Individual Harman Kardon Speakers, DTS Premium, Dolby Decoder
Smart featuresGoogle Play Store, Voice Search, Built-In Chrome Cast, Audio Only, Dual Core GPU, Quad Core CPU
Operating SystemAndroid N
Connector TypeBuilt-In WiFi
Connectivity Ports3 HDMI, 2 USB
Warranty18 Months

What Do We like

  • Favorite Netflix Shows In 4 K UHD- The model allows you to access to Netflix so that you can subscribe to it easily. You can watch your favorite Netflix series, award-winning movies, Netflix originals and more on the 65-inch screen in a 4 K UHD picture quality. Thus, TV ensures that you are entertained at all times.
  • Google Play Store Makes It Entertainment Hub- The Android TV gives you access to google play store from which you can download and install your required apps including Netflix, YouTube, JioCinema, Hotstar, Voot, etc. These apps allow you to stream unlimited movies, videos, series, originals, etc. Hence, you obtain unlimited entertainment on the big screen.
  • Finding Content Conveniently Using Voice Search- The voice search option makes searching for the content a less cumbersome task. You can find your desired series, movie or video by just pressing the button of your remote and speaking its name. This ensures access to the content in a less time-consuming way.
  • Screen Mirroring Via Chrome Cast- The chrome cast that is built-in the smart TV ensures easy mirroring of your phone’s contents on the big screen of your smart TV. You can easily display the favorite images, movies or videos from your smartphone or tablet and enjoy watching it on your 65 inch UHD TV.
  • Enjoy Only Music With Audio Only- The Audio Only feature allows you to use your TV as an audio device. You can easily play music on your smart TV without having to switch on your screen.
  • Ultra-Slim Elegant Design- The model has an ultra slim design with a narrow bezel that maximizes the view to provide you the best cinematic experience. It features a black body with an edgeless display ensuring it to be the highlight of your living room. The elegance and sophistication of this TCL model will enhance the modern aesthetics of your household.

What We Don’t Like

  • Ergonomics of The Remote- As per a user, the remote did not have a secure grip and the buttons were not placed properly. This made controlling the TV a bit uncomfortable. Thus, the ergonomic design of the remote could be made better.
  • High Consumption of Power- The on-mode power consumption is high as 170 watts. Thus, it might lead to high electricity bills which might be an issue for certain users.


This TCL model comes with a mix of positives and negatives. However, it is a great product to consider irrespective of its cons. The large screen size of 65 inches with its QLED display ensures the best visuals.

The Android N TV also comes with access to Google services for unlimited entertainment in a convenient way. Hence, this is a suitable option for a high-end smart TV.

Anaida Sutherland

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