LG 594Ltr Inverter Side-By-Side Refrigerator (GC-B22FTLPL) Review

LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. The new LG 594 liter refrigerator is great. It’s more than a fridge, it’s your living style.

The frost-free feature is amazing. The inverter technology reduces the power consumption of your house all over. Toughened glass shelves are very useful and Multi Digital Sensor is a must-have in modern refrigerators.

Auto Defrost

The days of manually defrosting are over. This refrigerator defrosts the ice automatically and saves the work for you. It stops from building the ice inside the freezer. This is a very basic feature nowadays.

Inverter Compressor

The compressor of this refrigerator is very advanced. The inverter technology helps reduce the power consumption of your house all over. Also, this makes very little noise compared to any other refrigerators of now. And this compressor will last long, it is durable.

Hygiene Fresh

The Hygiene Fresh technology is a great feature one might say. It’s 5 steps antibacterial purifier removes bacteria totally. This way it helps keep the food you store in it fresh for 24/7. It prevents from creating any kind of bad odor inside the refrigerator.

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What Do We like

Multi Air Flow

There are multiple air vents inside the refrigerator to circulate the airflow properly, and to ensure that it reaches to each and every corner of the refrigerator. This way the fridge helps reach the air everywhere and keeps everything inside fresh.

Multi Digital Sensor

This Multi Digital Sensor is a great feature of this refrigerator. It reads and responds if you put warm food inside or if you open the doors and the outside warm air comes inside. It reads all those activities and responds by maintaining the inner temperature level as cool as it should be to keep all the stuff inside fresh.

Toughened Glass

The shelves are made with toughened glass. They are of very high-quality glass and will last very long. They can hold up to 120 kg of weight. So no more worries about how many stuffs you’re putting inside.

Smart ThinQ

The LG Smart ThinQ is a mobile application. It works with the help of the wifi in your refrigerator. If you have this refrigerator and the application installed on your mobile phone. Then you can control your refrigerator from anywhere. You just need to do is just open the app.

What We Don’t Like

There were no major or minor cons found in this product.


This LG 594 liter refrigerator is a great product for any family use. It is sufficient enough for 5-6 members at least. All the features in it are something packed combinedly that you cannot refuse it.

Starting from the inverter technology to multi-digital sensor, frost-free, or the Smart ThinQ app. Everything is perfect. You must buy this one if you already don’t have one.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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