Samsung 670 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT65K7058BS/TL) Review


Food wastage and spoilage are regarded as a significant problem in every household. Wastage of food results in the loss of money and effort put together in preparing such food.

To keep the food fresh for an extended period, it is necessary to have a refrigerator at any household. Samsung is a brand that is well recognized for the production of astounding fridge amongst other products for people.

Double Door Refrigerator Samsung 670 L 3 Star is not an exception. There is a high demand for this refrigerator because of its excellent performance. Also, it can work in families of five or more members. The efficiency of this product is topnotch, and it executes a superb job.


Durable and hard glassy fridge 

The refrigerator Samsung 670 contains glass shelves that are strong and able to hold about 150kg weight reliably. Therefore it enables the keeping of heavy pans inside these refrigerators.

Deli Tablette

This one is a removable flat structure in this refrigerator. This Deli Tray has a compactly built structure, and it is utilized in this refrigerator to maintain the freshness of food and to serve for immediate consumption.

Guard against bacteria

Anti-bacterial guard in this refrigerator helps keep the air inside it fresh and pure. A continual process of sterilization of air occurs through a chemical mechanism of separation, and this process assists in removing bacteria.

Key Lock

This Samsung 670 L3 double door refrigerator has a key lock feature. It becomes a beneficial feature if you have any children in the house.

Power Freeze

This one is another feature in his refrigerator that allows for quick preparation of ice cubes. It is faster to a degree of about 31%.

12 Hours Cool Pack

The refrigerator is built in such a way that, should in case an emergency occurs in the outage of power, the refrigerated victuals will be kept frozen below 0C, thereby reducing the worry of food spoilage.

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What Do We like

Computerized Inverter 

The Feature adjusts the speed of compressor depending upon the cooling demand. This helps in minimizing the noise for long-lasting performance.

Stabilizer Free Operation

Samsung 670 L3 Star refrigerator operates such that it regulates voltage fluctuations (high or low), thereby discarding any need for an external stabilizer.


What We Don’t Like

Door alarm 

This one is another advantage of using this refrigerator; it is intricately computerized to notify the user whenever its door is not closed. This Feature prevents unnecessary stress and unplanned wastage of food. However, the sound can be so unwelcoming, especially by the elders who don’t like sounds.


Gotten the knowledge of how sophisticated Double Door Refrigerator Samsung 670 L3 star is, both in the physical and performance features, make a decision and buy one today, it can either be for personal use or the use of the household. This product is highly recommended by the manufacturers for its working efficiency and added features.

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