LG 630Ltr 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (GR-H812HLHU) Review

LG presents its refrigerator which has a storage capacity of around 630  L so that you can get enough space to keep the daily use of product such as milk, vegetables etc. this type is of refrigerator is specially made for medium and large families. The product is Platinum Silver in color and made up of steel which will strengthen the product durability.

The refrigerator comes with a Standard Double Door with Frost-free which will help a product to remove freezing of water. The refrigerator weighs around 94 kg with the product dimension 73 Centimetres x 86 Centimetres x 1.84 meters It also comes with Owner Manual for any reference about the usage of a product.

Inverter linear compressor

The product has a linear compressor which works on saving the refrigerator from voltage fluctuation so that your product does not get the fuse. It controls temperature and reduces fluctuation which helps to deliver more precise temperature. Also, it makes the product more durable by acting as a shield against this breakdown.

Smart diagnosis

The product provide smart diagnosis which main work to provide a quick way to solve the troubleshooting. The procedure is simply such that you have call customer care and then place your phone on the appliance which will communicate with a computer that produces a diagnosis and fix the problem.

Ice beam door cooling

The product provides Ice beam door cooling which works on evenly distribution of temperature (cooling) to the parts of the refrigerator. Air is circulated from the vent to the back so that it can make sure that all parts of the refrigerator gets even cooling throughout the product.

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What Do We like

Door cooling plus

The product has door cooling plus which work is to provide cooling to every internal part of the refrigerator. The flow of air is maintained in such a way which it will provide low temperature across parts for example – air flow to the front side so that it can enhance cooling in the door area.

3 Star Rating

The product is compliant with the Bureau of energy efficiency (BEE) and it got 3-star rating. The star rating provides a valid electricity consumption of the product so that you can have an idea about their power consumption and what will be increased in the bill after the product usage.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed.


LG brings the product which caters the need of large size families with the feature such as Inverter linear compressor, Smart diagnosis &  Ice beam door cooling. The product also has various pros such as Door cooling plus and 3 Star Rating. However, the company lacks in a locking system which can be added to it.

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Ambareen Azam

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