BPL 690 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator(R690S2) Review

The market is flooded with a variety of refrigerators, but choosing the right refrigerator according to your requirement is essential. Every household needs a fridge to preserve the food and vegetables, but choosing the right, energy-efficient refrigerator is not easy.

The BPL side by side refrigerator with fast, cool, and quick freeze technology is in high demand these days.


Fast cool

The Fast Cool feature in BPL’s refrigerator quickly cools the inside of the fridge. It chills food and beverages within a fraction of seconds and keeps them fresh for a more extended period.

Quick freeze

Quick freeze function freezes water very quickly, and one does not have to wait for a long time to get ice cubes. It also improves air circulation inside, regulates the temperature keeping food fresh at all times. It eliminates all possible chances of condensation.

Quick temperature control

The temperature settings can be quickly and conveniently controlled using LED touch buttons. Just by a simple touch, one can get the desired temperature.

Multi airflow system

The multi-airflow system maintains an even temperature within the refrigerator.  No matter how many times the door of the fridge is opened, vents in each shelf help circulate cold air throughout, keeping food fresh and the refrigerator odorless.

Pullout drawers

For extra storage needs, the refrigerator comes with multiple pullout drawers. You gain easy access to the food items without having to shuffle through all the stuff in front.

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What Do We like

Storage capacity

The side by side refrigerator comes with a 690 Litres gross capacity and multiple pullout shelves. So one need not worry about space constraint as there is enough space to keep the food fresh.

Smart Design

Black gloss finish makes the refrigerator look classy and elegant. Also, the pullout drawers make it easier to reach out for stuff at the back easier without having to shuffle through all the things in front.

More extended preservation

The multi airflow system regulates the temperature within the fridge and prevents food from getting stale, facilitating longer preservation.

Quick controls

Just by a simple touch, one can get the desired temperature using the LED touch buttons.


The fast cool, quick freeze, pull out drawers, and sufficient shelf space with a multi airflow system provide convenience while using the refrigerator.


What We Don’t Like


The refrigerator is huge and bulky and not easily movable.

Poor quality

The paint easily chips off the door of the fridge, and there is no sealing on edges of the door glass panel. Hence, it is vulnerable to stains if water enters between the door and the glass panel.



The conclusion-the refrigerator comes with fast cool technology and quick-freeze technology. It is very convenient to use because of the quick LED touch buttons, which enable temperature control.

Thus, it is effortless to set the desired temperature. Also, the availability of the pullout drawers, the vast storage capacity of 690l, and multi airflow system make the BPL refrigerator in high demand.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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