LG GC-B559EVQZ 499 L Double-Door Refrigerator Review

LG Electronics is one of the worlds leading multinational electronics company that is headquartered in South Korea. They manufacture many products such as air conditioners, washing machine, television, monitor, and refrigerator as well.

This is a double door refrigerator from LG that comes with huge storage capacity, an inverter compressor, and a smart diagnosis. The premium gold design of this product is elegant and is equipped with digital sensors that keep counts the number of times you open the door. It is frost-free, very durable, and long-lasting.


Frost free

This refrigerator comes with an auto defrosting feature, which automatically senses the ice that builds up in the freezer reducing the efficiency and melts them down.

Bottom Freezer

This double door refrigerator comes with a bottom freezer taking up to one-third of the total space of the refrigerator. You will have a lot of storage for ice creams, ice cubes, and more. You can access this freezer without opening the main door of the fridge.

Toughened glass

The shelves of this LG refrigerator is made with toughened glass that are very sturdy and durable. They are very strong and strengthy and do not break apart even if you drop them on purpose or accidentally to the ground. They have the strength to take the weight of up to 120kg on them with ease.

Door lock

To prevent opening the door frequently by any kids around the house, this refrigerator comes with a door lock feature. So even if you have kids running around the house, they won’t be able to open the fridge anytime they want to.

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What Do We like

Inverter compressor

This premium quality fridge comes with an inverter technology compressor. This latest technology does not only works noise-free but also will reduce 35-40% of electricity consumption of your fridge annually. This will consume around 110-120 units annually, which means ten units a month, which is very cheap.

Digital sensor

LG has provided a new innovative feature on this refrigerator called “Digital sensor’. This sensor calculates the number of times the door is opened and how much warm air has entered from outside. It will calculate and sense the temperature rise inside the refrigerator, and according to that, it will make sure the compressor works to drop the temperature to make it stable.

Express freezing

This refrigerator is equipped with the latest technology and freezes ice in no time. The express freezing technology makes sure that icing in this fridge is done within an hour maximum. The quicker it freezes the ice, the more cooling is provided in the refrigerator allover.

Smart diagnosis system

One of the most premium and eye-catching features of this refrigerator is its smart diagnosis system. This refrigerator is engineered in such a way that if any problem occurs, then it will detect automatically and then show it to you so you can fix it by yourself or may call up a technician if needed.

Touch panel

This premium quality fridge from LG comes with a touchscreen panel on the front side. This display is used to control the temperature of the refrigerator and adjust any other settings if needed.

Storage capacity

The storage capacity of this LG refrigerator is 499 liters. It is very spacious and has different compartments to store the necessary stuff. This is an ideal refrigerator for a family of 6 or more members.

What We Don’t Like


The freezer area takes up more space than required. It reduces the space from the main area, which is considered as a major con.


This is a premium quality refrigerator with premium features from start to end. The premium gold color surface shines a lot and looks way better. Starting from the compressor to the touch panel and smart diagnosis system, everything is top-notch.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and ten years on the compressor. The outer steel body is tough and long-lasting. This product is a good value for money, and you should go for this undoubtedly if the budget is not a problem for you.

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Koushik Mondal

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