Logitech Z906 Speaker System Review

Logitech International is a company that specializes in manufacturing computer peripherals and software. The products of this company are durable, unique and famous throughout the world.

Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speaker System comes with four satellite speakers, one center channel, and one subwoofer system and a handy headphone jack for private listening pleasure. It is a complete set of components that perform efficiently to provide the best user experience.

Logitech Surround Sound Effects

The amazing technology of Logitech Surround Sound facilitates to transform any sort of room into a home theater. It clarifies every single note and tier of the sound being played. This detailed sound feature is the most famous and unique quality of the sound system.

Dolby Digital Sound

It is equipped with the latest and advanced technologies like DTS encoding and 5.1 Dolby Digital. These features allow the system to reestablish the surround sound composition in the DVD tracks, game soundtracks, and Blu-ray as well.

Multiple Digital and Analogue Inputs

It offers a wide range of connectivity. One can connect six multiple audio sources with this system. It supports computers, music players, gaming console, and much more. This versatile connectivity offers ease of operation to the users.

3D Stereo

The Surround sound experience of the system is enhanced by the help of a 2-channel stereo. The 3D-stereo technology enables users to enjoy their movies, videos, audios and tracks with an enormously fantastic surround sound experience.

Easy to Read Console Control

The console system can be easily read and operated using a smart and handy remote control. This helps users to control or alter the volume, power, mute options, and input controls using a wireless remote.

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What Do We like

Powerful Sound Quality

The 1000W peak and 500W RMS power of the theater system provide rich audio and thunderous and massive bass feature. It allows users to enjoy every single detail of the track from the roar of the crowd to the footstep behind a person, much easier.

THX Certification

The strictly efficient and remarkable performance standards have awarded this particular sound system with THX certification. This certification is an ultimate assurance or recognition of the cinematic and theater sound experience at home.

Built-in 4GB RAM

It has built-in 4GB RAM in it. It is one of the best additional quality which is not even considered in a lot of sound systems in the market. The users tend to enjoy the speed and fast control of the system because of this specification of RAM.

DTS Amplifier

The speaker system is equipped with DTS Amplifier, which helps to generate mind-blowing sound quality. This particular amplifier enhances the clarity of sound and its perfection more than Dolby technology. That is why it is a unique and amazing benefit to this system.

What We Don’t Like

No Bluetooth connectivity.


Logitech Z906 Speaker system is one of the best sound systems which offers cinematic or theater experience at home. It provides multiple amazing features which belong to only this model. It can be utilized for a lot of options. It can be enjoyed by connecting with gaming stations and consoles or by attaching with computers and Laptops.

It offers unique features modified and installed using the latest technology. The performance of the sound system is charming as it has not disturbed notes and distortion in sound effects even at higher bass and sound levels.

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