Panasonic (EH-HV10-W62B) Hair Straightener Review

Panasonic is one of the oldest and high-quality manufacturers of electrical products. Its products range from smart devices to music systems and from kitchen appliances to beauty products. The quality and performance of its products are states of the art. Panasonic EH-HV10-W62B Hair Straightener offers both straightening and curling features in one unit. It has been designed in a very compact shape.

Multipurpose Product

It offers both curling and straightening functions in one unit. There are no complex features involved in this product. The same heating plates can be used for hair curling that is being utilized for straightening.

Potable Design

It has a very compact and portable design. The minimalistic look of the straightener makes it possible for the users to carry it away with them anywhere they want. It has a storage cap as well that can be used to protect the device from bumps and impacts during traveling.

Photo Ceramic Plates

There is a coating of photo ceramic material on the heating plates. This coating curtails the possibility of color fading by 40 percent, and the moisture loss is also controlled by 20 percent. These plates provide heat to the hair according to the safety standards.

Long Swivel Cord

The long swivel cord of this straightener helps to connect it with distant sources quite easily. It also avoids unnecessary tangles because the cord can rotate at 360 degrees. It allows easy movement during processing without any trouble.

Quick Heating

When it is turned on, it takes only 40 seconds to heat up and get ready for usage. This quick heating action increases the efficiency of the straightener and saves the time of the users.

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What Do We like

Optimum Temperature

It works at an optimal temperature of 210 degrees. This temperature has been designed specifically so that any category of hair can be processed with this straightener. This feature makes it a versatile and compatible device for any kind of hair.

Easy to Carry and Travel

It can be easily carried away during traveling because thee cap provided with the straightener firmly holds the plates together without any motion. It covers them up so the straightener can be safely carried out during traveling.

Universal Voltages

It has been designed particularly to meet the voltage requirement of any place. It works on any category of voltages, and that is why it is compatible to be used worldwide.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Panasonic EH-HV10-W62B Hair Straightener has a sleek and elegant design. It comes with a 24 months company warranty. The performance of this product outperforms a lot in the market. It is compatible to be used in any area of the world, and it is operated at an optimal temperature that suits any category of hair.

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