Hesley Glanz Hair Straightener Review

Hesley provides extraordinary and durable products in the market. It has a fine collection of long-lasting electrical appliances. The quality and performance of its products is state-of-the-art. Hesley GLANZ Hair Straightener comes with an innovatively designed shape and distinguished features. It has a quick and speedy heating mechanism. The plates of this straightener are designed using sensitive and advanced technology that provides maximum efficiency.


Ultra-fast Heating

The ultra-fast heating mechanism integrated in this straightener saves a lot of time. The plates can heat up within 2 seconds, and the users can utilize them right away. They do not have to wait in order to get the plates to be ready for usage.

Keratin Ceramic-coated Plates

The keratin ceramic-coated plates provide smooth and convenient styling. These plates provide four times better protection to the hair. It protects the hair from getting damaged or the scalp from getting affected. These plates are durable and long-lasting.

Double Voltage

It can be operated at both 220 and 240 volts quite easily. This feature makes it a universally compatible product in the market. It can be used worldwide because of its universal compatibility.

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What Do We like

6  Pre-defined Temperature Settings

There are six pre-defined temperature settings that can be utilized in this straightener. The users do not have to insert the desired temperature manually every time. It saves the time of the users as well.

Travel Friendly

The compact shape and size of the product provides easier and travel friendly storage. It will fit even in a small handbag.

Lockable Design

The lockable design of this straightener brings convenience during operation. It keeps the plates safe and protected. This design also facilitates in an easier and convenient travelling of the product.

Multi-purpose Product

This straightener can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used for straightening, curling, and styling as well. This feature makes it a diverse and versatile product that can be used for any category of hair.


The micro sensors integrated in this straightener protect the hair from getting affected or damaged. It protects the scalp from overheating affects as well.

Auto Shutoff

The auto shutoff feature saves the power and energy in this product. When the desired temperature is obtained, it is turned off automatically for 60 minutes to prevent overheating. It ensures the longevity of the plates as well.

PTC Heater

This straightener operates the ceramic-coated plates with PTC heaters. These heaters are responsible for providing quick and efficient heating to the plates and to distribute the heat across the plates uniformly.

What We Don’t Like

No cons observed so far.


Hesley GLANZ Hair Straightener has a compact shape. It saves users a lot of time with its ultra-fast heating technology. The design of the straightener ensures smooth glide through the hair during processing. It also provides a look to the hair. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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