Vega VHDP-03 Hair Dryer Review

Vega is a must-have style-partner in every fashion-conscious and when showcasing various facets of the versatile personality. Vega brand manufactures accessories that suit all the hair types, face, body, and skin. Its products are or best standard and durable.

Vega VHDP-03 Hair Dryer is one of its products, and it is available in black color. The product is manufactured with the best quality raw materials making it more durable. Below is detailed information about Vega VHDP-03 Hair Dryer.


Cool-shot button

This product is fitted with a cool shot button, which is used to give out cool air, which will allow you to set your lovely hairstyle.

Detachable nozzles

This dryer has two detachable nozzles, which are of different sizes i.e., large and small. The concentrator is easily attached and detached.

Heat & speed

The dryer has two speed/heat settings. One can easily vary the setting to suit your hair requirement or type.


The product has a power of 2200 watts. The powerful AC-motor will give you a faster air-flow, which will provide you with frizz-free, gorgeously soft, and trendy hair-styles with no time.

Power cord

This dryer has a long power cable giving you a wider operation area. The cable meets the standard quality to prevent injuries, which are caused by electric shock.

Cable guard

Between the attachment of the cable and the dryer, there is a cord guard that will protect your cable from breaking due to bends when operating it.

Hanging loop

Vega VHDP-03 Hair Dryer is fitted with a hanging loop, which will make it convenient for you to store the product to a place that you can access it easily.


This product operates within a voltage of 220V to 240V.

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What Do We like


This hair dryer comes with a diffuser that will distribute the air evenly to maximize the volume & its best used for wavy & curly hair.

Safety automatic-overheat cut-out

Vega VHDP-03 Hair Dryer is equipped with a safety automatic-overheat cut out that will guard your dryer against being overheated, which may cause damage.

Removable cap

This dryer is fitted with a removable end-cap for you to be able to clean, which will minimize overheating.

Concentrator nozzles

This product has a concentrator nozzle, which will allow you to air blow to a specific area so that you can style your hair the way you like. The thin concentrator will also help in reducing air dissipation.

Easy to use

This product has few buttons which are well labeled to assist the user in understanding it better.

What We Don’t Like

This product is heavy with more than one kilogram; hence one can’t use it with one hand for a longer time. Also, in terms of portability, it’s not the best.


Despite being heavy, the product has extra useful features like safety automatic-overheat cut-out, cable guard, cool shot-button, and more others, which will increase the efficiency of the product. The product is made with quality material making it sturdy.

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