Ikonic HD2200 Hair Dryer Review

Ikonic Company has been manufacturing innovative & inspirational products with advanced technology. The company design tools which assist the hairstylist to play with their creativity. Every tool created by Ikonic is simple to use & cater to every level of experts.

Ikonic HD2200 hair dryer is one of the best products the company designs. This dryer is available in red and black color. The dryer has an attractive design with a smooth outer surface.



This dryer has a power consumption of 2000 Watts. It also has a powerful motor that will give one a quick & gentle drying. This motor is capable of giving out high-velocity airflow.

Detachable nozzles

This product comes with two detachable nozzles. You will be able to exchange the nozzle and use the one that suits your hair’s needs.


This product comes with a diffuser that will help to protect waves in your hair. The diffuser will also help you in distributing the air evenly to your hair, which prevents heat concentration on a specific point to avoid burning.

Cord guard

Ikonic HD2200 has a cord guard which will prevent your cord from breaking. With this guard, you will be able to use your dryer freely at any angle.

Removable air filter

This product has a detachable air filter, which enables one to remove the collected dirt using a soft brush. When cleaned, overheating of the product will be minimized hence increasing the general lifespan of your product.

Cool shot-button

This dryer is fitted with a cool shot feature which will dispense cool air. This air is used for styling your best hairstyle.

Heat & speed setting

The dryer is fitted with two heat and 2-speed settings, which can be varied easily to suit your hair requirement. Hot air and high speed are best for faster drying, and cool air is best for styling.

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What Do We like

Storage hook

Ikonic HD2200 has a storage hook. The hook allows the product to be hanged on a place that’s convenient for you.

Easy to operate

The buttons of this dryer are well placed to allow you to have easy access to them. They are also easily pressed.


This device has a one-year manufacturing defect-warranty.

Overheat protection

The dryer has an overheat protection feature. The feature will ensure a constant flow of air at a constant temperature.


This product has a light motor, which makes the whole product lightweight. This will enable you to operate with the dryer for longer hours without feeling fatigued on your hand.


The dryer has an anti-slip and comfortable handgrip.

What We Don’t Like

Has no foldable handle making it bulky


Ikonic HD2200 hairdryer is made to give customers extra comfort. The product has an overheat protection feature that will protect your hair from getting burnt. With a removable air-filter, you will be able to remove any dirt that has accumulated.

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