Rozia Premium Hair Dryer Review

Rozia is among the top companies that manufacture and supply personal care products for salons. Its products are made using authentic materials hence gives out the best results. It has a wide range of products like hairdryer, hair trimmers, hair straighteners, etc. Its customers appreciate the great experience and the best quality products they get from the Rozia brand.

Rozia Premium hairdryer is manufactured by Rozia Company and is one of the best selling products by rozia. This product is black. This dryer gives out the best outcomes; hence you will never regret buying it.



Rozia Premium hair dryer has a power rating of 2500 Watt. The high power makes this dryer efficient and faster.


This dryer is fitted with a thermostat, which will give out a constant airflow with the desired temperature, which prevents you from burning or damaging your hair. This will also prevent the device from being overheated.


This dryer comes with a diffuser that will help one in softening the airflow to protect waves & curls. A diffuser also assists you in having a precise styling of your hair.

Heat setting

The product comes with three temperature settings and a two-speed setting. You will be able to easily vary the heat and airflow speed setting to suit your requirements.


This dryer comes with two concentrators that have a narrow opening to allow you to focus air to a specific point for you to have an exact hairstyle you aim for.

Cord guard

Rozia Premium hair dryer has a cord guard that will protect your cable from breaking at the intersection with the dryer. With a cord guard, you will be able to operate with your dryer freely.

Ionic-hair protection

This dryer is fitted with negative ion, which makes the dryer suitable for every hair type. This dryer can be comfortably used on curly, straight, thick, and thin hair.

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What Do We like

Hook hang

This dryer is fitted with a hook hanger, which enables you to hang the dryer at your convenient point.

Power cord

This product has a power cable that allows you to operate at a distance from the socket. The cable is solidly made and well insulated to prevent any risk of electric shock.

Best designed

This dryer is well designed to give you a comfortable hand-grip, which will allow you to operate properly.

Made with best quality material

This dryer’s body is built of high-quality and robust plastic. This will help in preventing your hair from being damaged by minimizing the electrostatic-effect. This makes one’s hair shinier and softer.

Simple to use

This product is simple to use because all the buttons are well placed, and they are easy to press.

What We Don’t Like

Has no foldable handle and its size is still bigger making it bulkier


Rozia Premium hair dryer has a high power, which will allow you to have a gentle and fast-drying. The product is fitted with a thermostat, which will guard your dryer against being overheated. This dryer is well designed to allow you to work with it comfortably.

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