Vega Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer Review

Vega brand has taken this attractiveness lineage forward using their hair care products, which include hair dryers. Vega’s products are cheap, with excellent quality, to always give you the best results. Vega Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer is among the best products that the brand makes.

This dryer is black, and it is also available in maroon. The product is made using the best quality material, making it sturdy and durable.


This dryer operates with the power which ranges from 1800 W to 2000 W. This power is suitable for all hair kinds. You will be able to create your desired hairstyles with ease.


The product has two temperature settings, which are heat & cold. The heat setting is used to dry dense, and the hair that has more moisture while cold setting can be used on hair that has less moisture or during summertime. It also has a two-speed setting that can be selected depending on the look you like.


The product has a long power cable, which measures 2 meters to give you a more significant area of operation. The cable is well made to avoid any kind of injury due to electricity.

Detachable Nozzles

The product comes with two removable nozzles (large & medium size). One can easily exchange the nozzle which suits his or her needs.

Cord guard

The dryer has a cord guard that will protect your cable from breaking due to bending when in use. This will give your dryer a longer service time.


Vega Pro Touch hair dryer operates with a standard voltage range of 220V and 240V

Removable cap

The end cap of this dryer is detachable for easier cleaning and removing dirt that has accumulated. Cleaning will reduce overheating.

Narrow concentrator

It comes with a thin concentrator which you can use to style your hair. A thin concentrator will help you direct the air in a specific area for better hair styling.

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What Do We like

Cool shot button

With a cool shot button, one will be able to use cool air to set your desired hairstyle.

Safety auto overheat cut-out

This hair-dryer comes with a safety auto overheat cut-out feature, which will protect your dryer from overheating. This will help in reducing damages and injuries, which results from excess temperatures.


This dryer has a manufacturer warranty of two years, which begins immediately from the day of purchase.

Well-designed handle

This product handgrip is well designed, which will allow you to operate comfortably.

Ceramic coating

The dryer has a ceramic coated tourmaline grille, which will help in maintaining a constant heat that dries your hair quicker & prevents overheating.

Professional AC-motor

The product comes with a professional AC-motor, which is given out a fast airflow to help your hair dry out faster.

What We Don’t Like

Not handy

This product is not the best option for portability because it doesn’t have a compact design, and above all, it weighs about a kilogram.


Vega Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer is among the best hair dryers. With amazing extra features like a cool shot-button, safety auto overheat cut-out, and others make this product unique. It is also strongly built, making it more durable.

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