Remington D1500 Hair Dryer Review

Remington Company has existed in this industry for over 75-years. The brand offers products that are of advanced technology. They are majorly known for manufacturing electrical personal-care products that deliver the best results each time they are used.

Remington D1500 Hair Dryer is one of the best products from Remington Company. The product is available in black color. The product is strongly built, and it has a compact design.



This product has a brilliant power output of 2000W. This high power dries your hair very fast. It can even dry dense hair with ease.

Compact diffuser

This product comes with a small diffuser, which will help you in having the exact hairstyle you require.

Power cord

Remington D1500 Hair Dryer has a power cord supply which measures 180 centimeters (1.8m). This will give you sufficient area to operate on. The cable is strongly made and well insulated to prevent any kind of damage or injury created by electric shock.

Removable end cap

This dryer comes with a removable cap, which makes it easy to clean and maintain the product. Regular cleaning will reduce overheating, which eventually increases the lifetime of your dryer.


This product operates with a worldwide recommended voltage. Therefore you shouldn’t get worried about the voltage supply.


This Remington hair dryer comes with a removable concentrator. This concentrator will help you in directing air to a specific area so that you can have that precise hairstyle you need. A thin concentrator also helps in minimizing air loss.

Temperature & speed setting.

The product has two heat & two-speed settings. Hot air will be used when in a hurry and need to dry your hair faster, and cool air is used when you aren’t in a hurry. These settings will also help in styling your hair.

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What Do We like

Foldable handle

This dryer has a foldable handle, which makes it possible for one to store it in a small space. The handle is also well designed to give you a comfortable grip while working with it.

Hanging hook

Remington D1500 comes with a hanging hook, which will ease your storage work. With the hook, you will store the dryer in a place that you will easily access.


This dryer weighs approximately 600 grams, therefore, will comfortably work with it using a single hand


This dryer has a manufacturer warranty for two-years.

Simple to use

Remington D1500 is simple to use because its buttons are placed in the place of your hands will rest. Furthermore, they are well labeled.

Cord guard

The dryer is fitted with a cord guard, which will protect your cable from breaking at the intersection between it and the dryer.

What We Don’t Like

With a hot air setting, this product overheats to the point that it can even burn your scalp. It does not come with overheat protection

Produces more noise when it is in use


The product has a compact design with a foldable handle, making it simple to store. The handgrip is well made to give you extra comfort while operating it. With a removable cap, you will be able to clean your product using a soft brush, which increases the dryer’s lifetime.

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