Philips HP6306 LadyShave Review

Women want to maintain a flawless-looking skin and it is not possible if unwanted hair is present all over your body. So as a woman you want to remove it as much as possible in a way that it will not harm your skin. This is the primary reason why an electric shaver must always be available for you to use. Since there are times that you are not noticing that unwanted hairs are growing on some parts of your body that needs trimming. So if you have your personal electric shave at home just grab it whenever you need it.

With regard to women’s electric shaver, Philips has a treat for you. It’s Philips HP6306 LadyShave is probably the cream of the crop. Since it is packed with modern features and gentle blades you can expect promising results with the use of it. Let us now indulge ourselves in its features by discussing it in bulleted points below.



It allows you to use this shaver without the need to plug it on an outlet making it superbly handy at all times.

Hypoallergenic Foil

This gives you an assurance that your skin will not be irritated while you are shaving.

Wet and Dry Operation

You can use it on either wet or dry skin for a more efficient shaving experience. It allows you to use this shaver even when you are taking a bath.

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What Do We like

Easy to Grip Handle

Holding the handle of this shaver is truly easy and will not give you any soreness at all.

Extremely Gentle

It is made of non-harsh materials so that your skin will not get any irritations or cuts while you are using the shave.

Elegant Design

It has nice colours and shape that truly makes it desirable and impressive to use.


This shaver can easily fit in anyone’s pocket because it is small in size and light in terms of weight.

Not Difficult to Use

You can use this shaver easily because it has no hard to understand mechanisms that’s why even as a newbie in electric shaving you will not have any issues with it.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

Just wash your shaver after every use and it will not get any damages that are why you will enjoy a hygienic shaving experience at all times.


All ladies regardless of their current financial status will have the ability to buy it because it is significantly cheap.

What We Don’t Like

Blades are Not Replaceable

Because of this, you have to buy a new shaver after the blades have worn out.


It is really great that we have finished another informative review regarding electric shavers. It is a blessing that we have the ability to avail such a good product like the electric shaver that we have tackled a while ago. We must take advantage of the opportunity of buying it because it will make women look much better and feel comfortable with themselves.

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