Philips S1070/04 Aquatouch Electric Shaver Review

Philips is a well-known brand worldwide that has a diversified range of products all over the world. They first became famous with their line of light bulbs and fluorescent lights. Over the years, they innovated and have added a lot of variety to their product line.


If you are looking for an electric shaver, Philips is the brand that you could trust. This is why we would like to introduce to you this, Philips S1070/04 Aquatouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver. It can be used on either wet or dry environments. Aside from that, there are added features that will make your shaving experience much easier, giving you the best results.

Pop-up Trimmer

This gives you the ability to create wonderfully and perfectly trimmed facial hair.

Aqua-Tech Technology

It allows you to use this shaver either on wet or dry skin without any difficulties.

Self-Sharpening Precision Blades

This promotes an automatic sharpening of the blades so that it will always glide smoothly on your skin, providing you with consistently good results.

3-Direction Motion

This feature allows the blades to move in 3 directions so that it offers the cleanest shaves.

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What Do We like

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can clean this shaver easily because it is washable and can be cleaned under running water.

Comfortable Grip

Its body is ergonomically-shaped to ensure that it does not slip out of your hand while using it.


It only weighs 290 grams making it very comfortable to use and will require minimal effort when you are carrying it. You can hold it even for extended periods without getting your hands sore.

Silent Motor

It does not emit that much noise while in use, making it perfect to use at all times of the day.


It has the following dimensions of 6.5 x 8.5 x 17 centimeters.


This shaver is made of high-quality materials, making it last longer.


It has a simple interface that will allow you to use this electric shaver with ease and comfort.

Beautiful Design

It has a fantastic look.

Gentle and Safe

The blades of this shaver are not harsh on the skin, which will protect you at all times from harm.

What We Don’t Like

Battery life is a little bit shorter compared to other brands.


This electric shaver is loaded with helpful features such as the pop-up trimmer, aqua-tech technology, self-sharpening precision blades, and 3-direction motion. Those will keep your daily morning shaves easier and comfortable.

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