Hero Sprint Fazer 24T Cycle Review

There are two primary purposes of having a bicycle, traveling or promoting physical activities  for better health. However, we must ensure that the bicycle that we will buy is comfortable enough to ride so that it will not give you any injuries or discomfort in the long run. With regard to that, this bicycle will surely take your cycling to the next level because it has modern features that are hard to ignore. Come and let us take a look at its features and advantages on the bulleted list below.

Allen Key & Spanner provided

you can easily assemble this bicycle upon arrival and perform repairs on it if necessary in the future.

Decent Tire Size

With its 24 inches tires, you can easily maneuver the bicycle without exerting too much force.

Front and Back V-Brakes

it allows you to brake with a lot of precision that can surely add up some safety to your rides.

Dual Suspension

this is critical for having superb ride comfort as it will give you nicer handling.


you can use this bicycle with ease even in the rainy season because of its mudguards that will protect your clothes and body from dirt.


it is made to protect you in night riding so that other motorists will see you easily minimizing the chances of accidents.

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What Do We like


Even though it is made of steel, the weight remains light so that you will not have a hard time riding it.

Nice Design

This bicycle has a beautifully-designed exterior, which is absolutely perfect for people that is very particular with the design.

Anti-Skid Pedals

This makes your foot in the pedal stable as it will prevent slipping that is the primary cause of accidents.

Comfy Ride

The nice suspensions and seat will make your ride much comfortable and hassle-free even on rough terrains.

What We Don’t Like

Sensitive Gears

Handle the shifter with care because it is a little bit brittle and can be damaged if a strong force will be applied to it.


Features such as Front and Back V-Brakes, Reflectorizer, Dual Suspension, and many more will surely give you memorable riding experience that you’ll never forget. Aside from those wonderful features, you will also get this reliable bicycle at an affordable price!.

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