Dash Stylish Kids Tricycle Review

If you are thinking of what to gift your little one then the gift that they will surely like is a kiddie tricycle. It is one of the most sought toys of kids because it lets them explore their surroundings. With regard to that, we would like to introduce to you this wonderful tricycle.

Dash Kids Tricycle is really stylish and fun to look at, which will truly give your kid an exciting riding time, which is perfect for kids of 2 to 5 years of age.  This particular brand Dash was founded in 1980 has built a good reputation in the field of kids’ rides as they have an ISO 9001-2008 certification that guarantees safe to use products.

Aside from the good looks, it is also loaded with great functionalities and safety features. Let us now tackle more of its features to know if this particular tricycle is perfect for your child.


LED lights and sounds

It will make the riding experience of your child more fun and exciting with the beautiful colors and sounds that they will see and hear. Available sounds are nursery rhymes and etc.

Pedal Drive Action

It promotes better motor skills and balance for your child.

Large Back Rest

This will support your kid’s spine for a much comfortable while riding.

Rugged Thread Wheels

This promotes better maneuvering while riding the bike.

Curvy Seat

The tricycle itself is weighted 5.7 kilograms and can carry a maximum of 25 kilograms. It gives your child a more comfortable riding experience.

Storage Space

It has a storage basket where you can put the valuables of your child while riding.

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What Do We like

Elegant Design

It has a nice-looking exterior that will truly make your child look amazing while riding it. Aside from that, it will also give your child the desire to use it more often and will not get bored easily with it.

Affordable Price

Despite its nice features, its price remains to be really budget-friendly.

Comfortable to Ride

It has an ergonomic body and comfy seat that will make your child ride with ease and satisfaction.

No Maintenance Required

It does not require you to perform any hard maintenance on it for it to become usable.

Easy to Use

This tricycle does not contain any hard to understand mechanism, making it easy for your child to use it.

What We Don’t Like


It is pretty hard to assemble.


In this kid’s tricycle, you can expect nice features such as LED lights, sounds, Pedal Drive Action, Large Back Rest, Rugged Thread Wheels, Curvy Seat, and many more. Those features will make the riding experience of your child to the next level of excitement.

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