Hero Peppy Junior Bicycle Review

Hero, a famous bicycle brand, offers various bicycles for all ages. No matter what your needs are, rest assured that there is a bicycle on their product line that will surely fit your needs. This is why we would like to introduce you to this bicycle for kids. Hero makes it, and it is packed with the latest features and quality that will fit your expectations. This makes sure that your kid will truly have promising moments riding this nice bicycle.

Tools Included

The bicycle comes into a pre-assembled state along with a free Allen key and spanner for easy assembly.

Steel Frame

This is a guarantee that the bicycle is sturdy enough to last long and safe to use.

Single Speed

It makes the bicycle easy to use so that the kid who will be riding it will not be confused so that they will not have to change gears anymore.

Dual Caliper Brakes

This is a guarantee that the child who will be using it will be completely safe because of the responsive brakes that it has.

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What Do We like

Amazing design

This bicycle has a nice-looking body because of its elegant shape and stylish color combination.

Affordable Price

Despite its nice features and quality, the price remains super affordable.

Comfy Ride

It has a soft yet firm seat that will make your child ride with comfort and ease along with its nice steering handles.


Its frame and other components are super sturdy and will surely last for prolonged periods.


You will not hear annoying noises while using this bicycle, making your rides more remarkable.

What We Don’t Like


It can be challenging to assemble the cycle yourself, you need technical assistance.


With the Steel Frame, Single Speed, and Dual Caliper Brakes, your child will surely have a good time riding the bicycle. This will give you peace of mind that your child is safe and, at the same time, will give him a portable bicycle that you can easily bring anywhere.

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