Hercules Dynamite ZX (26T) Bicycle Review

As the brand name states, “Hercules”, this bicycle can be your true friend that you can rely on, especially on long rides. This bicycle that we will review has dual suspensions that will give you superb riding comfort and performance.

So if you are aiming to go for a long ride or even just a short stroll, then you might consider buying this Hercules Dynamite ZX Dual Suspension Bicycle. It has more features that you will surely love, and we will discuss them one by one on bulleted points below.

With Accessories

Aside from the bicycle itself, you will also get a free set of mudguards and reflectors.

Power Brakes

The highly-credible power brakes that are integrated on this bicycle will give you superb safety while you are riding this bicycle.

Dual suspension

It has rear and front suspensions that will make your ride more comfortable and will improve your cycling performance.

Double-Tube Frame

It promotes better stability and durability that will keep the cyclist safe while they are riding the bicycle.

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What Do We like

Easy Maintenance

It does not require you to do some maintenance on it for it to function perfectly.


This bicycle has a competitive price that will surely fit your budget.

Decent Size and Weight

The not over-exaggerated size and lightness make it easier for you to use and store it.

Relaxing to Ride

The soft seat and great suspension will allow you to experience better riding.

Great Design

The beautiful design that this bicycle has will truly impress the people that will see you riding this bike.

What We Don’t Like

No such con was observed.


The Power Brakes, Dual Suspensions, and Double-Tube Frame are the most significant benefits that you’ll get from this bicycle. Along with those features is the nice design that this bicycle has, which will surely make you proud.

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