Common Refrigerator Replacement Parts

Refrigerators are one of the essential kitchen appliances given the role they play in keeping your food fresh. Stocking your supplies in this appliance for several weeks or even months shows how much trust you’ve put on it. As such, to avoid disappointments, your refrigerator has to be at its optimum performance always.

However, sometimes you might run into trouble due to common refrigerator faults. Fortunately, most of these issues are easy to solve. Several parts of your fridge are replaceable; therefore, no need for a new fridge. 

Some of the most common replacement spare parts.

Condenser Fan Motor

This motor is responsible for driving the condenser fan, which in turn cools both the compressor and the refrigerant. If it stops running, the refrigerant’s temperature will rise, causing the compressor to overheat. Eventually, your food will spoil due to the unfavorable environment. 

So, how do you check if the condenser fan motor is the problem? Well, just open the rear bottom access cover of the fridge after unplugging it from the mains. Remove the dust, if any, then try and move the fan blades. If they don’t move freely, then the motor needs replacement.

To replace it, follow the manufacturer’s instructions because the mounting may vary with the model. It is worth noting that the motors also vary in speed, power, and sometimes size. 

Therefore, to be on the safer side, you should purchase from the manufacturer’s store or a reputable spare parts supplier. 

Evaporator Fan Motor

Similar to the condenser fan, the evaporator fan is also to circulate air, but this time across the evaporator coil. It distributes this air around all the refrigerator compartments. As you might have already guessed, a slight fault on this fan will make your fridge warmer.

A warm refrigerator is not favorable for long-term storage, so you might need to replace your evaporator fan as soon as possible. It is usually located behind the freezer wall. You might need to go through the manufacturer’s manual before you can embark on this task. 


Another refrigerator part that can be replaced easily is the thermistor. Its function is to monitor your refrigerator’s temperature. Remember, once you’ve stored your food and set a specific temperature, you’d expect the conditions to be maintained despite external or any other factors.

The thermistor is responsible for maintaining these conditions. Any changes will trigger it to send a signal to the control board. Consequently, the speeds of the evaporator and condenser fan motors are regulated to suit the current changes. 

If you realize that your food over-freezes or spoils unexpectedly, then this component could be the culprit. The first step is always to check the model approved by the manufacturer; otherwise, the new thermistor may also malfunction. 

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The position of the thermistor will vary with the model and refrigerator brand. Usually, it is somewhere beneath the back wall, sidewall, or ceiling. Among all the replaceable parts discussed in this article, this is the easiest to replace because it doesn’t need any technical skills.

Water Inlet Valve

Perhaps this is the most replaced component among all refrigerator parts. Are you struggling to control water leakage from your fridge? The water inlet valve could be the problem. This part regulates the water going to the dispenser and icemaker. 

Apart from leakage, you might also experience a lack of water in your dispenser, yet your home’s supply is working fine. The bad news is that repairing the water valve is almost impossible. However, you can easily replace it with a new one, provided they have the same features.

Water Filter

A water filter is one of the reasons why your dispenser is working as required. Unlike most parts discussed in the article, you don’t need to wait for the water filter to be faulty for you to replace it. Remember, this is part of your water supply system; therefore, it could have severe repercussions on your health.

It is recommended that you change the water filter every six months at most. Well, like any other component, it is crucial to use the same model as a replacement. Purchase it from the manufacturer’s store or any store dealing with these items. 

Air Filter

As the name suggests, this system is designed to ensure that the air in your refrigerator remains fresh. It uses carbon to get rid or reduce the odor that could make your food items inedible.

Similar to the water filters, this needs to be replaced within six months for optimum operation. We recommend that you change both filters at the same time to avoid confusion. 

Ice Maker Motor 

If the hand that scoops ice from the tray doesn’t seem to be working correctly, then the ice maker motor could be the problem. The good news is that replacing this part is not only comfortable but also quite affordable in the current market. 

Although there are people that claim they can repair your motor, the best option is always to replace the whole unit. The process of replacing the ice maker motor may vary with the model. Therefore, be sure to check the manufacturer’s manual before you embark on any task.


Some refrigerator faults can be very costly, and you might even be forced to buy a new fridge. Nonetheless, most of these issues are solvable by replacing specific components. If you feel like your fridge is warmer than usual, then the condenser or evaporator fans might not be working as expected. 

Replacing these parts is simple if you follow the procedures correctly. However, you need to find the exact match for the component being replaced. Using a thermistor, for instance, designed for other refrigerators might not give the desired results.


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