Russell Hobbs Buckingham 20680 Filter Coffee Machine Review

Rusell Hobbs prides itself on meeting the expectation of its customers. It makes its products are built with unique innovation and style for home and kitchen use. This machine eliminates the need to buy costly paper filters. The filter of this machine can be placed permanently; it can also be removed easily for washing and cleaning. This coffee can make ten cups of coffee at once.


This machine comes with a capacity of 1.25 L. It makes up to ten cups of coffee at once. You have the option to brew one, two, three coffee.

Blue illuminated light

It comes with a blue illuminated light ring that comes on during brewing. It indicates when the machine is in operation and ready to use. It also indicates when the machine is using the keep-warm feature.


It filter can be placed permanently inside the machine. With this, there’s no need to buy costly paper filters. This filter can also be removed and cleaned easily. The filter can be replaced with a paper filter if the need arises.

Advanced showerhead technology

The machine comes with an advanced showerhead technology which ensures the flavor is fully extracted from your coffee grains. It helps to dissolve the maximum amount of coffee and also delivers a great taste every time it’s used.

Pause and pour feature

The machine has a pause and pour feature. This feature allows you to pause and pour the coffee when the machine is still brewing. It is helpful when there’s a delay or you’re in a hurry. You can continue brewing after using this feature.


It comes with a digital display for usage and effectiveness.

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What Do We like


The design of this machine is unique with a digital showcase. The design is made to produce quicker heating. It reaches optimal temperature on time and disregards meaningless time waiting. It comes with a black design and a stainless steel body. The cup is great and can be used at convenience.

Auto clean

This auto-clean feature ensures the machine is clean at all times. It ensures most parts are cleaned easily.

Water level indicator

This water level indicator ensures you have an adequate amount of water at all times. The indicator shows the amount of water you need and also ensures you maintain the level of water easily

What We Don’t Like

No negative point observed.


This coffee machine makes good and quality coffee. It produces rich and enjoyable coffee at all times. It has a 24-hour programmable timer that allows you to set the machine for optimal brewing. The brewing system is good and it can brew 10 cups at a time. It has a fast brewing and ensures you have the coffee just the way you like it.

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