Preethi Dripcafe CM 208 Coffee Maker Review

Preethi ensures its customers are satisfied with the home appliance they purchase. This coffee machine is unique and comes with heat resistant high-grade plastic with a microfine filter for fine decoction. It has accurate temperature control and it is concealed with a 450W heating element for faster brewing. The machine is beautiful and attractive to use. This machine also has a heat-sensitive thermal fuse.


The design of this machine is beautiful; it comes with an old design and a white color. It is made of plastic material. The machine comes with a design that very easy to maintain.

Heat-resistant plastic

It comes with a high-quality heat resistant plastic. This plastic material is high grade and ensures the machine doesn’t dispense much heat when it is used. The plastic is great and useful.

Stainless steel jar

The coffee maker comes with a stainless steel jar that delivers the amount of coffee you desire. The jar is sturdy and long-lasting. The jar is unique in style and has a nice handle grip.

Concealed 450W heating element

This machine comes with a heating element for faster brewing. The machine is concealed with a 450 W and 230 volts for faster brewing.

Microfine filter

The machine has a microfine filter which ensures the coffee is made well. The filters produce decent coffee; it also makes sure the fewer amounts are spent on having a nice coffee.

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What Do We like


This machine is safe to use. It doesn’t develop a fault quickly. With this, you can store the coffee anywhere and use it at any time.


This machine is light weighted; it is easy to move around. The machine can be kept and also moved conveniently.


The machine is sturdy and durable. It doesn’t get damaged on time and it can be stored at any place. It comes with a flat bottom which ensures good stability when it is placed on a flat surface.


This machine is easy to clean and maintain. It comes with a nice structure, and its part can be cleaned easily. The maintenance ensures the coffee maker lasts for long without developing faults.

What We Don’t Like

Built quality

The built quality of this coffee maker could have been better, the plastic is not of great quality.


This coffee machine is pleasant and durable to use. It produces refreshing, rich filtered coffee whenever it is used. You can have your coffee at ease and at any time you wish. The machine can be used both at home and office.

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