Sunbaby Car Seat Bubble Review

Sunbaby is an American online marketplace that mainly focuses on child products. They manufacture magic chairs, bean bags, jumbo walkers, see-saw, strollers, and car seats as well.

The car seat from Sunbaby is one of the finest and high-end products. This is a safe car seat for your child that comes with various needed features. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know if this product is worth buying or not.


Build quality

The build quality of this baby car seat is pretty decent. It is sturdy and weighs around 3.49 kg, so you know how hardy this material is. It is meant to last for at least 2-3 years without letting you face any difficulty.

Compact sized

This is a very compact sized car seat for babies. It easily fits in the back seat of your car or an airline seat. The product is also ideal for any aircraft. This meets ECE R44 & R04 safety standards compliance as well.

Adjustable canopy

When you have turned this carrycot into a car seat, you can adjust the canopy to expand fully. This will protect your baby from sunlight. It will make sure if your baby is sleeping, then he/she does not get disturbed by the sunlight.

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What Do We like


The soft padding inside makes sure that your baby is protected while the baby is lying down. Also, there are safety harnesses that will keep the car seat safely buckled in, so any sudden breaks or accelerating a bit would not put your child in danger. The safety standards of this product are very high and meet the need to be certified as well.

Adjustable handle position

This car seat cum carry cot comes with four adjustable handle positions for you to use properly. You can turn this into a car seat, a carrycot, for feeding purposes, or rocking purposes as well. This is designed to be user-friendly, so you can easily carry your baby and be comfortable while driving.


This car seat cum carrycot is very comfortable for its premium quality cushions. It ensures that your baby is getting the utmost comfort along with the rocking function to make them sleep. The soft cushions are designed for the baby’s smooth and delicate skins. It won’t irritate the baby’s skin.

Washable cover

The car sear cum carrycot needs to be cleaned every once in a while because babies should be placed in a hygienic seat. This comes with a removable and washable cover. You can remove it when you feel like its getting dirty and wash it with a mild cleaner. 

Rocking function

This rocking function comes with this car seat cum carrycot because everyone knows that babies love this. You can use this carrycot in your home as well to put your baby to sleep in it using the rocking function. It will not only reduce your effort but also helps the baby sleep easily.

What We Don’t Like


The pillows and the headrest cushions cannot be removed to be washed. If a baby will be using anything regularly, then it needs to be clean properly for hygiene purposes. This is a non-removable cushion and headrest, and this is why you won’t be able to clean to thoroughly.


This product is available in various colors, and the price differs according to the color. This high-end car seat cum carrycot will meet all the requirements and provides you with an excellent service. Starting with the protection to its comfort level, everything is of premium quality that has been used in making this product. This is an ideal choice for those in search of a car seat.

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Koushik Mondal

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