Digital Clocks for Homes and Offices

A digital clock is a very useful household appliance. It could be used as a study table clock, bedside clock or as the office desk clock.

Large-sized digital clocks could be mounted on the wall in commercial buildings such as banks and offices. Some of them are even equipped with a barometer for the display of the environmental temperature.

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Best 6 Digital Clocks for Living Room

1. Ajanta Quartz Digital Red LED Rectangle Wall Clock

This is a rectangular LED digital clock. The digital clock can be mounted on the wall.

The stylish design makes the digital wall clock a decorative item.

It is suitable for homes, offices and commercial buildings.

The total weight of this digital clock is 1.45 kg. It can be easily used mounted on the wall as it is not heavy.

The digital wall clock is powered by electricity. It is a corded digital clock and works on batteries. Two AA size batteries are supplied with the clock.

The battery’s power is used as a backup in times of power failures.

The clock displays hour, minute, seconds, date, month, year, day and temperature in Celsius.

2. SHOPMENT 7 LED Digital Alarm Clock

If you are bored of using generic-looking alarm clocks, then this product is sure to catch your eye. This alarm clock has an innovative translucent body that emits gentle colours to set the mood in a room.

The clock has a backlit digital display that shows the time, date, and temperature. The light function can be set to lull as you sleep, which is beneficial for people who love to sleep with some lights on.

The clock has intuitive controls that are easy to operate even by kids. The compact size allows you to carry it along on your overnight trips.

The alarm beeps for 60 seconds in a crescendo beep that can wake up even heavy sleepers. The alarm requires 2 AG13 batteries, while the LED colour light needs 4 AAA batteries to run.

3. Nubilous Digital LED Alarm Clock

This is a mirror style LED alarm clock. The clock comes with a large digital display.

The clock features a temperature display and alarm with a snooze function.

The alarm sound grows from weak to strong. It also lets you set the snooze time.

The clock has two levels of display brightness.

It can be powered using a USB supply or by batteries. The USB cord is supplied with the device.

It uses three AAA batteries. When it is powered through the batteries, you need to press any button to bring the display live. This is to save power.

In the USB power mode, the clock remains bright all the time.

4. Romino Smart Night Light Digital Clock

This is a multifunction digital clock. The display uses LCD technology with a smart backlight option. This makes it easy to see the time clearly at night.

The clock also displays the environmental temperature and it features a perpetual calendar.

You could choose between a 24 or 12-hour time format.

The alarm clock comes with an 8 minutes snooze option. The alarm comes with a progressive sound.

It is suitable for students, bedrooms, study tables and office desks.

This digital clock uses batteries to power the device.

5. Compact Digital Clock

This is a digital clock with a large display. The display uses LCD technology.

The digital clock is suitable for kitchen and lab use.

This is a multifunctional digital clock with many features.

The clock has a count up and count down feature. The clock also comes with a stopwatch feature.

It also comes with an alarm feature.

The clock is kept in an upright position by a folding stand. The folding stand also prevents the accidental tipping of the clock.

This is a battery-powered digital clock.

6. Royals Digital LCD Clock

This is a stylish looking digital clock. It comes with a large LCD styled display. The display comes with a backlight option. The backlight will turn on when you tap the desk.

This is a multifunctional clock. It displays month, date, week, hour and minute. The clock comes with an automatic temperature sensor. It displays the indoor temperature.

It comes with a 100-year calendar feature. You have the option to choose to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The clock could be set to use a 12-hour or 24-hour time format. The alarm feature comes with a snooze function.

This is a battery-powered clock. It uses two AA sized batteries.

This digital clock is suitable for home and office use.


You will find countless options when you go online searching for digital clocks. These digital clocks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. Some of them are battery powered and others corded.

Modern-day digital clocks come with numerous useful functions besides displaying time. This makes digital clocks highly versatile. The elegant and trendy designs make them blend well with any modern interior at home or office.

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