Philips BT7501/15 Cordless & Corded Beard Trimmer Review

Philips has been a great product provider throughout the years of its existence. Many households all over the world trust Philips because of the high-quality products that they manufacture and the premium features that go along with it. They are considered as a conglomerate and has lots of subsidiaries around the globe that are kept on providing top-notch products and services.

So if you are currently on a pursuit to have your personal beard trimmer that you can use, then we have something for you. We will review this Philips BT7501/15 Cordless & Corded Vacuum Beard Trimmer. It is one of the best beard trimmers on the product catalog of Philips. Many men love it because of its great features and ability to provide satisfaction to their users.

Dura Power Technology

The battery lasts 6 times longer so that you can save a lot of money and effort from charging the shaver frequently.

Battery Indicator

This allows you to view the current battery status of the trimmer for you to know if it is already charged or not.

Double-Sharpened Steel Blades

This will give you the ability to achieve the results that you want in shaving. You can also shave much faster and safer with the help of this feature.

Quick Charging

It has the ability to give you the ability to achieve full trim in just 5 minutes of charging.

Lift and Trim Technology

You can trim your facial hair in just one stroke as it lifts the low-lying hair carefully towards the sharp metal for an accurate cut.

Self-Sharpening Metal Blades

This will allow the blade to sharpen them automatically so that you can save a lot of time and effort.

20 Lock-in Length Settings

You can choose among the various trim lengths by just turning the zoom wheel. The range of the trim lengths is 0.5 to 10 mm with 0.5 mm precision.

High-Performance Vacuum System

This shaver comes with this feature that allows 50 percent stronger and improved airflow to cut the facial hair properly up to 90 percent.

Cordless Use

You can charge this trimmer for an hour and use it for an hour, too, making it one of the most energy-efficient trimmers in the market right now.

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What Do We like


Since this trimmer is made of the finest materials, rest assured that it will not deteriorate easily.

Easy to Use

It has a simple interface that will allow you to use this trimmer easily, even if it was your first time using an electric trimmer.

Great Design

It has a beautiful-looking exterior that will give you a lot of wow factor while you are trimming your facial hair.

Silent Operation

Its motor does not produce too much unnecessary noise while in use, making it perfect to use on all parts of the day even at night.


Since this trimmer only weighs 272 grams and only has the dimensions of 7 x 14 x 24.5 centimeters, it can easily be brought outdoors, making it a perfect travel-friendly trimmer that you can buy for yourself.


It does not contain any hard to understand mechanisms which makes it very easy to use at all times.

What We Don’t Like

A little bit hard to clean because of the hard to reach areas.


This premium trimmer has various features such as the Dura Power Technology, Battery Indicator, Double-Sharpened Steel Blades, Quick Charging, Self-Sharpening Metal Blades, 20 Lock-in Length Settings, High-Performance Vacuum System, Lift and Trim Technology. Those features will give you the ultimate trimming satisfaction that you are looking for at a reasonable price.

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