LuvLap 3 in 1 Rocker Napper Review

LuvLap 3 in 1 Rocker Napper is a musical vibration rocker that is loved by parents for their newborn kids. The product is a creation of the company Luvlap that makes baby strollers, walkers, and car seats to tricycles, highchairs, and cutlery. The company manufactures close to 180 products and anything and everything that is needed by a child.


3 Easy switch positions

The rocker gives the option of 3 easy positions to play, feed, and nap. The baby can be easily placed in all three positions without hassle.

Cotton Polyester Blend

The product is made up of cotton-polyester fabric, which is very comfortable for the baby and does not cause any rashes or discomfort.

Ten music tones

The rocker features ten different types of music to soothe the baby and put them to sleep or keeping them entertained. The volume of the music can be adjusted according to the requirement.

3 level vibration

The rocker comes equipped with a vibration feature that can be set to high medium or low based on the requirement to soothe the baby and put to sleep

Weight capacity

The rocker is quite sturdy and can carry baby weight up to 18 kgs. So it goes on to be your baby’s favorite for a good two years.

Toy Bar

The product also comes loaded with a toy bar that hangs down to engage your baby in playful activities

3 Point Safety Harness,

The rocker comes equipped with a 3 point safety harness to ensure that the baby is safely placed inside the rocker and does not fall down

Removable Seat Pad and Mattress

The seat pad and mattress in the rocker are removable which helps in easy cleaning

Mosquito Net

The rocker comes equipped with a mosquito net to ensure that the baby is safe from mosquitoes or any insect bites


The rocker gives easy portability and weighs just 6.25 Kgs. The rocker can be shifted to a different place without putting much efforts.

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What Do We like

All in one product

The product comes loaded with all the latest features to keep your baby safe, entertained, and also puts them to sleep. Parents swear by this product when it comes to their kids.

Easy Washing

The removable pads and mattress can be easily and ensure that the rocker is clean and hygienic and there are no chances of any infection

What We Don’t Like

Difficult assembly

The assembling process is quite intricate because instructions are in the form of a diagram which can not be easily understood


LuvLap 3 in 1 Rocker Napper with musical vibrations is a complete package that embeds all the latest features like ten kinds of music, three positions to sleep, feed and play, mosquito net, and toy bar to keep your child happy.

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