Mee Mee Vibrating & Soothing Baby Bouncer Review

Mee Mee Vibrating & Soothing Baby Bouncer is a comfortable baby bouncer that comes at a decent price point. The product is made by Me n Mom company, an Indian company established in 1994. The company now has a PAN India presence with more than 50 stores. The company is known to make baby care products, products for expecting, and new mothers.

Toy Bar

The bouncer has a detachable toy bar from which colorful toys hang down to reach the hands of your child to engage him/her in playful activities

Vibration and Music

The product bounces up and down when it is given a slight nudge and vibrates and produces music to entertain and calm your baby down

Three-point harness belt

The belt is provided to securely fasten your child to the seat and prevent the child from falling

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What Do We like


The product weighs 2.29 Kg and is quite handy to be carried anywhere with minimum efforts and energy

All in one

The bouncer is an all in one companion of your baby that bounces, has toys, vibrates and produces music all at the same time

What We Don’t Like

Uncomfortable seat cover

The seat cover on the bouncer is exceptionally stiff and is not recommended for a child

Wrong instructions in manual

Details about the type of battery are written wrong


Mee Mee Vibrating & Soothing Baby Bouncer is an entry-level product in the baby bouncer category. The product fulfills the basic need of a rocker. If you are looking to buy a bouncer within a low budget, this product can be picked.

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