Webby Portable Bouncer Cum Rocker Review

Webby Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker is a secure and comfortable rocker for your child from the time he/she is an infant till he/she becomes a toddler. The product has been manufactured by Webby, a brand well known for making very creative and exciting toys and baby products.


The product features a low-profile frame that is suitable for newborns. The frame can be extended as the baby grows in weight and height.


The product vibrates gently to soothe your baby and put him/her to sleep without any difficulty

Toy bar

The rocker features a toy bar that hangs interactive toys down, reaching the hands of your child. The is very helpful in engaging your child in playful activities and keep him/her entertained. The toy bar can be removed when your baby sleeps

Music Toys

Whenever the baby touched the toys hanging down, they produce soothing music

Reposition seat

The seat can be repositioned based on what your child is doing. The reposition of the seat is closer to the toy bar for more interactive and comfortable play

Infant to toddler

The rocker can be bought when your child is born and can be used till the time your child turns 4. The rocker can easily take a weight of up to 18 kgs

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What Do We like


The rocker weighs just 399 grams and is extremely portable. The rocker is also foldable and can be turned into a seat as per your baby’s need for feeding and napping


The rocker easily foldable for easy portability and storage

Music and Vibration

The rocker features musical toys that keep your child entertained.

Value for money

The rocker is reasonably priced and has all the latest features that expensive rockers have

What We Don’t Like

Low Plastic quality

The overall plastic quality is not so good.


Webby Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker is a very comfortable, entertaining, and compact rocker for your child, which can become his/her companion since the time they are born till they become four years of age. The product is reasonably priced is a steal deal.

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