Carrier CAS18EK3R39F0+CF183R3AC90 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC Review

When you all want to enhance our home so its more comfortable to live in. With regard to that, putting a reliable and efficient air-conditioning system is a good decision to make. However, you must ensure that you will only buy an air-conditioner from a highly-reputable brand. This is why we would like to review to you an air-conditioner that is truly the best buy. It is made by Carrier which is founded in the United States and one of the pioneers in the air-conditioning system.

Having said so, we would like to introduce to you this Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC. It is one of the most energy-efficient non -inverter air-conditioners that you can find in the market right now. With the combination of great features and functionalities, you will surely never go wrong. It will improve the quality of air in your home and at the same time add elegance to it.


Sleep Mode

It ensures that the desired temperature, while you are sleeping, is truly met at all times.

PM 2.5 Filtration

It will let the air-con to filter out impurities in the air inside your home.

Copper Condenser Coil

It promotes better cooling and minimizes the need for maintenance.

Dehumidifier Feature

This feature will remove excess moisture in the air which will result in better breathing and fresher air.

Maximum Capacity

It can accommodate medium-sized rooms of 111 to 150 square feet because of its 1.5-ton capacity.

Turbo Mode

This is perfect for hot weather conditions as this air-conditioner can easily lower the temperature really quickly as you wish.


It removes the excess liquid inside the air-conditioner to avoid mess inside your home.

Louver Position Memory

This will give the air-conditioner the capacity to know the previous position of the louvers so that you will not have to reposition it from time to time.

Leakage Detector

It will allow the air-conditioner to know if there is something leaking on the unit. This will alert you immediately to avoid further damage to the air-conditioner.

Air Direction Control

This feature will allow you to set the direction of the air according to your needs and preferences for you to have a rewarding user experience.

Auto Cleanser

This will allows the air-conditioner to clean the unit by itself without any human intervention required saving you a lot of time and effort.

My Mode

It will give you the ability to apply your preferred settings on your air-conditioner to give you the maximum user experience.

Intelligent CRF alert

It will alert you in case there is an urgent need to replace or clean something on the air-conditioner to keep it functioning perfectly.

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What Do We like


It does not have any hard to understand mechanisms which allow you to use this air-conditioner easily and without any hassles.

Elegant Design

This air-conditioner has a beautiful-looking exterior that will allow you to beautify your home and will truly impress your guests.


Since it is made of the finest materials, rest assured that this air-conditioner will not deteriorate easily.

Reasonable Price

Compared to its counterparts with the same specifications, its price remains to be very low making it fit for the budget of every people.


This air-conditioner only emits 44 decibels while in use making it perfect to use even at night when everyone is sleeping.

Comfy to Use

It has a remote control included in the package that is why you can control it without having the need to go near the air-con and press its buttons manually.


It is not that bulky that is why you can expect that it will not eat up that much space in your home.

What We Don’t Like

There are no negative points found on this product.


This air-conditioner is loaded with lots of features such as Sleep Mode, PM 2.5 Filtration, Copper Condenser Coil, Dehumidifier Feature, Double-Drain, Turbo Mode, Louver Position Memory, Air Direction Control, Leakage Detector, Auto Cleanser, My Mode, and Intelligent CRF alert. Those features will give you a better quality of air in your home to give you a healthier and cooler environment.

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