TCL Televisions

TCL is a known electronics company for offering some of the best-in-class electronics. The Chinese brand was founded in 1981 offering smartphones, television sets, air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines. The many variants available in their assortment of television make them count among the leading manufacturers of electronics. 

TCL has long been in the market for its innovations and their television range can certainly suffice your desires. Providing with some of the best television range, this brand has now become the only choice for many. If you are a movie bug and is looking for a television that can proffer theatre-like experience right at the convenience of your house, TCL can be the ultimate name. 

Integrating some of the exclusive features in their televisions which include Ultra HD resolution, range of connectivity options, unmatched sound output, innovative smart features, a top-notch display, and the sleek finish has made TCL television set their own mark in the market. 

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Top Features of TCL:

Televisions of this brand are available in some of the exclusive price range. As these days we are not only eager to buy a television that will suffice the entertainment bug within us, but also we look for something better and smarter. As the brand understands the need of the people, they have offered the television range that has some of the world-class features. 

High-resolution pictures that offer lifelike pictures range of connectivity option to serve the best when it comes to connecting the many peripherals, outstanding sound output and unmatched display are some of the high-end and unparalleled attributes of the televisions. Watching the high-end animated movies become much more interesting and unforgettable in these televisions. 

Let us have a look at the key features:

  • TCL offers a range of resolution which includes 4K Ultra HD resolution mainly. The amazing resolutions ensure offering lifelike images and sufficing the entertainer inside you. 
  • Since these days televisions, we need televisions that can perform more than just a television. This is why, the televisions offer a range of connectivity options like 3HDMI and 2USB ports
  • With 30 watts of sound output and more, the televisions offered by TCL can undeniably outperform your need for acquiring a great experience while watching a movie at your home. 
  • With 4 speakers integrated into the televisions, you do not need an external speaker. However, if you need better sound, you can also connect your sound system as your television has the connectivity options. 
  • The televisions have some of the amazing smart features that make it buying a great investment. 
  • The brand offers a warranty to make sure that any issues taking place within the specified time period will be fully taken care by the manufacturer. Generally, they offer 12 months or 18months of warranty with the products. 

Additional Features:

  • 60 Hz of Refresh rate and more
  • Voice search
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Noise Reduction
  • Micro dimming features
  • Official Android TV
  • HDR support 

The televisions offered by this brand are mostly built keeping these specifications intact. As the manufacturers are aware of the need, they are constantly upgrading their range to fulfill your expectations. 

Even when the televisions are mostly available with a huge price tag, the features make them worth buying.