TCL 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV 32D3000 Review

Here we provide the detailed review of the TCL 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV 32D3000.

TCL a Chinese electronics company has designed and introduced to us a number of electronic products including TVs, mobile phones , washing machines, air conditioners etc. all of which have made our lives much more convenient. There is a wide range of TV models introduced by TCL that ensures a smooth performance for the best entertainment experience. This article deals with the review of the TCL 79.96 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV 32D3000.

This TCL 32 inch led tv has a standard screen size that ensures HD ready display for a dynamic picture quality enhanced with clarity and colors for a crisp viewing experience. The stunning visual is teamed up with a rich immersive surround sound experience with its stereo speakers enhanced with Dolby Digital Audio technology. Moreover, it comes with a sleek and slim design with a narrow bezel and a black body finish for giving your living room a touch of elegance to change its overall appearance.

The TCL tv also has the best quality and safety features making it a durable option to consider. Let us now take a look into the features of this model in detail.

Features for TCL 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV 32D3000

32 Inch A+ Grade HD Ready Panel

The model comes with a 32-inch A+ grade panel that ensures an HD resolution image of 1366 x 768 pixels which brings out all the details of the content you watch. Thus, you get a clear, rich and detailed picture quality so that you enjoy a realistic view that enhances the TV watching experience.

True Color With HD Backlight Technology

The white HD backlight of this TCL LED TV model is one of the best back-light technology that enhances the color gamut to ensure bright, vibrant colors for a natural and pleasant visual treat. Moreover, it also provides an adjusted dynamic contrast for better picture quality.

Brightness Enhancement

The Brightness Enhancement technology as the name suggests enhances the brightness of your TV display. Thus, you get a clear picture quality even in the sunlight along with a natural tone to it which adds to the life-like effect.

Noise Reduction

The noise reduction technology reduces the noise and distortion which might be present in the image by stimulating the TV signal. This ensures that you get to watch your desired content with a stunning picture quality that comes with high HD resolution.

Stereo Surround Sound Speakers

The TV comes with stereo speakers that produce a high-quality surround sound in a more louder and wider range. This sound is enhanced as it uses a Dolby Digital Decoder technology. Hence, you obtain a rich, crisp surround sound that will immerse you completely.

Smart Sound

The model also comes with a smart sound feature that ensures a more customized and enhanced audio experience. It automatically detects the genre of content you are watching be it movies, sports or news. After detection, it will adjust the settings and audio of the content accordingly so that it fits perfectly well with the genre.

Narrow and Slim Design

The TV is a blend of sophistication and elegance that will fit perfectly well with the modern aesthetics of your home. The model has a slim design and a narrow bezel with a black body finish that will enhance your overall home decor.

Let us look at the specifications of this LED TV Model:

Screen Size32 Inches
DisplayLED, A+ Grade Panel HD Ready Display, Wide Viewing Angle
Resolution1366 x 768 p
Display TechnologyNoise Reduction, True Color, Brightness Enhancement, Dynamic Picture Enhancement, HD Back-Light Technology
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Audio16 Watt, Stereo Speakers, Surround Sound, Dolby Digital Decoder Technology, Smart Sound
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 1 USB
DesignSlim Profile, Narrow Bezel, Black Body
Warranty18 Month

What Do We like

  • Wide Viewing Angle- The wide viewing angle and enhanced brightness of the TV will give you the best visual experience irrespective of the viewing angle. You get to enjoy a clear, detailed image with its retained HD resolution even when watching content from the corner of the TV.
  • Dynamic Picture Enhancement- It comes with Dynamic Color Collection technology that produces a detailed image with enhanced natural colors. On the other hand, the dynamic contrast control performs the function of controlling the balance between the brightness and darkness of the image. So,  you get an image with well-adjusted contrast and natural colors that brings every detail to life for a dynamic visual experience.
  • Dolby Audio- This TV manages to convert your living room into an entertainment hub with its superior audio that is enhanced with the Dolby Digital Decoder technology. The sound produced ensures a surround effect that immerses you into a different world.
  • Multi-Media Player- The model comes with a USB port that supports a wide range of audio and video formats including MP4, MKV, AVI, H.264, MPEG4, and various input channels. Thus, you can view all your stored content including movies, videos and images on the big screen of the TV by just plugging in your USB device.
  • Comprehensive protection- This TV comes with protection against lightning and fluctuation of voltage so that you are always safe. It also comes with fast heat ventilation and moisture proof for added security. Moreover, the low power consumption saves your expense on electricity bills. Thus, it is a safe and enjoyable quality TV model.

What Don’t We Like

  • TCL Service- As per users, the service provided by TCL needs to be improved as they were not prompt when called or contacted. Many users complained that they were having issues with their TV for over a month and still they did not receive proper service from TCL. Thus, the after sales service has room for improvement.


The after sales service provided by TCL may not be up to the mark, but this LED TV model from TCL is worth the purchase. The stunning visuals enhanced with the A+ grade HD ready display along with the picture enhancement technology and the immersive surround sound ensure the best TV viewing experience. Moreover, it is the safest and high-quality TV model to go for at an affordable price range. Thus, for those under a budget this a valuable model to consider buying.

Anaida Sutherland

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