Samsung Galaxy SM-R800 Smart Watch Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch, 4.6 cm 46 mm, SM-R800 is the most amazing and beautiful smartwatch from Samsung in its Galaxy range. Samsung is a Korean company best known for its R&D and the thoughtful products it makes.

The company manufactures the best smartphones, electronics, and wearables and is one of the highest selling brands globally. Samsung Galaxy SM-R800 Smartwatch is built to satiate your need for quality, class, and style all at once.


Design and make

The smartwatch has a circular design and features a vintage textured body that comes with a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass DX+. The glass coating helps to keep the watch scratch-free for several years.

50 ATM certified

The smartwatch is water-resistant and carried 5 ATM certification. You can wear the watch when you go swimming or diving

Samsung Health app

The product gets connected with your phone through Samsung Health App and gives you an interface to know your health and activity readings and calories burnt count

GPS enabled

The smartwatch has an in-built GPS that lets you check your physical location and open routes using a map when you lose the sense of direction

Activity tracker

The smartwatch has an activity tracker mode that senses the various activities like exercise, walking, running and let you knows the distance covered, pace and calories burnt


The battery installed inside the watch lasts for over 80 hours with Bluetooth mode and GPS on for 24 hours

Schedule setter

The smartwatch View schedule briefly in my day watch face, get reminded of appointments and important occasions

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What Do We like

On the go music

The smartwatch has the provision for storing playlist and playing music on the go. Just connect it with your Bluetooth earphone and start listening to songs

Colorful straps

You can personalize the watch by changing the strap and choose from colorful silicone straps

Sturdy and Advanced

The watch is solid, features advanced features to track activities, monitor heart health and water-resistant


The smartwatch looks very classy and premium when wearing it on your wrist

What We Don’t Like


The smartwatch weighs 381 grams and the person wearing it might feel a bit worked up when worn for long durations of time

Less Battery Life

The claim of 80 hours battery life is a bit exaggerated. The battery does not last for more than 30 hours


Samsung Galaxy SM-R800 Watch with 4.6 cm 46 mm,  is a premium looking and advanced watch with a sporty look. People who like watches with big dials and sporty look and also a generous budget can consider buying it.

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