Apple Watch Series 5 Review

Apple Watch Series 5 is the most advanced smartwatch from Apple. Apple is well known for making world-class devices and gadgets and is one of the most premium priced brands in the world.

The quality of the product is unmatched, and this is the reason why Apple enjoys the most loyal base of customers worldwide. Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest and the most advanced smartwatches in the market today that are loaded with next-gen features.

Magnetic Charging

The product comes with a 1-meter magnetic charging cable and a 5W USB power adapter for quickly charging the watch for next use


The product comes with LTE and UTMS and a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz that connects to the nearby wireless network in a fraction of seconds and Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless pairing and media transfer between devices


The product gives uninterrupted 18 usage hours on a single charge and can be charged quickly with the magnetic charger when the battery gets finished


The smartwatch is 100% water-resistant up to 50 meters, and one can be worn while you go for your swimming sessions. It is suitable for shallow-water activities and not for deepwater activities like scuba diving, waterskiing, etc.


The smartwatch has an always On Retina Display and has a 30% larger screen as compared to 4 series that lets you navigate with ease. The watch features a digital crown with haptic feedback.

GPS enabled

The smartwatch has an in-built GPS that records the distance covered and the time spent while doing any physical activity like walking, running, hiking and gives you the count of exact calories burnt

OS and Processor

The smartwatch works on iOS 6 and comes installed with an S5 SiP with up to 2x faster 64-bit dual-core processor, that does the processing at lightning speed

Heart rate sensor

The product also has an electrical and optical heart rate sensor that keeps a record of your heart rate for 24 hours. The product also contains ECG app that gives your ECG readings within seconds

Fall Detection

The product also has improved accelerometer and gyroscope for your fall detection and sends out emergency SOS

Noise app

The noise app in the device alerts you if the sounds around are very high that could impact your hearing ability

Cycle App

This app on the device helps you track your menstrual cycles and log information every month to get notified on your next due date

Automatic work out detection

The activity tracker app notes your workouts and physical activity and motivates you to move more and exercise more. It also lets you compete with your friends in challenges


The device also has a compass to give you a sense of direction when you feel lost and need help.

App Store

The smartwatch also comes with an app store that lets you download various apps that can make your life easy and customize according to your requirements

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What Do We like

Assist in a healthy lifestyle

The smart band is an all in one health assistant that tracks and scans your body entirely to gives a holistic picture of your health and activities. Heart rate monitor, activity tracker, ECG app, noise app, cycle app makes you aware and informed about your general health or any risks.

Light Weight and Comfortable to Wear

The band is featherlight, and your wrist does not feel irritated while you are wearing it. You can continue to wear the watch for long durations.

Premium looks

The watch can be used as a fashion accessory. You can customize the face of the watch with different themes and match it with your choice of attire.

Make calls, send messages

The smartwatch enables you to receive and make calls, receive and send messages without the hassle of taking the phone out


There are a lot of themes to chose from to customize the look and feel of the watch. Match the theme with your attire and flaunt in style.

What We Don’t Like

High Price

The smartwatch is priced at a very premium price and cannot be afforded by people who are looking for a smartwatch within 10K – 15K budget


Though the product features the latest technologies and features but drains out a lot of battery and is one of the biggest dissatisfaction among current users

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