Singer 3229 Simple Electric Sewing Machine Review

Having a sewing machine at your home is truly a blessing that everyone should experience. From time to time there are unexpected damages that occur on our clothes and holes are a big example of that. With the help of a sewing machine, repairing tasks can be easy to do and it can be finished in a matter of seconds for some tasks.

With regards to that, this sewing machine is definitely a great choice, it is loaded with high-quality materials to make your experience better. Either you will use it for small repairs or make clothes out of it, you are surely in good hands. Once you buy this sewing machine expect that you will have memorable moments while sewing. Come and let us take a look at its features on the bulleted points below.

Auto 4-Step Buttonhole

This makes buttonholing an easy job to do because it makes everything automated.

Presser Feet Lifter and Snap-On

This is absolutely perfect for sewers that handle various kinds of fabric even the thickest ones. It also makes sewing more comfortable and easy to start at all times with its snap-on feature.

Automatic Needle Threader

It makes threading an automated process that allows you to save some time from doing manual threading.

29 Built-In Stitches

It has 29 preset stitch patterns that you can choose from for you to use on your sewing projects.

Extra Strength Metal Frame

This gives its users the guarantee that it will be stable and sturdy enough to withstand the daily use of the sewing machine.

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What Do We like

Nice Design

It has an elegant design that will surely capture everyone’s hearts.


You do not have to worry about having increased electricity bills because this sewing machine does not consume much electricity.


The compact size that it has makes it suitable to place on houses with limited spaces.


It is guaranteed that this sewing machine will last long because it is made of high-quality materials.

Super Quiet

This sewing machine does not emit too much noise while you are using it which will not disturb the people inside your house.

What We Don’t Like

Built Quality

The plastic used is not of good quality and can often start vibrating when its in use.


We have finished another enjoyable topic regarding a sewing machine from Singer. We truly hope that you have gotten an idea of how awesome this sewing machine is and will help you in your buying decision. This is the best decision that you can make in your life so buy it now until supplies last!

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