Sanyo 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV XT-32S7201H Review

Consider the Sanyo 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV XT-32S7201H if you are planning on buying a 32 inch LED TV for your home. We provide the detailed review of this model to help you make the right choice.

Sanyo a leading Japanese electronic manufacturing company has come forward with a wide range of televisions that offer unique specifications at a reasonable price. Sanyo India has made entertainment easy and allows you to watch all your favorite shows and movies with one of the best picture and audio quality through their tv models.

The Sanyo XT-32S7201H is an LED TV which proves to be a true example of a great product at an affordable price. It comes with a screen size of 32 inches that is powered by an HD Ready display with a high resolution. Thus, you get to enjoy a clear image that is enhanced with vivid colors and adjusted contrast. Moreover, the refresh rate of 60 Hertz allows you to watch fast action content with clarity and precision.

This Sanyo model also offers a powerful sound with its 16-watt speakers, so that you get an overall enhanced visual experience. You can know more about this model in the following sections of this article. We now explain the features, pros and cons of this LED TV in detail.

Features for Sanyo 32 Inches HD Ready LED TV XT-32S7201H

32 Inch HD Ready Display

This Sanyo model comes with an LED screen having a standard size of 32 inches for the comfortable TV viewing experience for you and your family. It also features an HD Ready display that is enhanced with a high resolution of 1366 x 768 p. This provides a sharp and stunning picture quality that is combined with vivid colors and adjusted contrast.

A+ Grade LED Panel

The model comes with an A+ Grade panel that enables you to watch all your favorite content with the accuracy of colors. The super bright panel gives you a realistic viewing experience with its clarity and bright colors.

60 Hertz Refresh Rate

You can enjoy watching fast action movies or even get immersed in a fast action non-stop video game on this 32 inch TV because of its refresh rate of 60 Hertz. The high refresh rate of the model ensures clarity of image and reduction of motion blur even in high-speed videos.

16 Watt Box Speakers

The 16-watt box speakers produce a high-quality sound that is teamed with enhanced bass. The crystal clear audio allows you to listen to even the most minute details of the music or dialogue. Thus, you obtain the best audio experience while watching movies or listening to music and more.

2 HDMI and 2 USB Ports

The TV comes with 2 HDMI ports that allow you to plug in your camera, laptop or even your gaming console without having to switch cables constantly. It also comes with 2 USB Ports so that you can connect your pen drive or portable hard drive to your TV simultaneously. This gives you unlimited access to movies, videos, games, images and more that are stored on your USB devices. Thus, you get diverse options for entertainment, and you don’t have to only depend on your service provider for entertainment.

1 PC VGA Port

The VGA port allows you to connect the TV with your laptop or PC so that you can do your work or even browse through the contents of your desktop on the big screen of your TV.

Headphone Output 3.5 mm

This feature enables you to plug in your headphones to the TV to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks or even watch movies and videos without disturbing others. This also enhances the audio while giving you a more personalized experience.

Let us look into the specifications of this model:

Screen size32 inches
DisplayA+ Grade Panel, LED, HD Ready Display
Resolution1366 x 768 p
Refresh Rate60 Hertz
Audio16 watt Box speakers
InstallationTable Top/ Wall Mount
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 VGA
Additional FeaturesSound Out, Headphone Output 3.5 mm
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like?

  • HDMI Sound Out FeatureWith the sound out feature, you can easily connect your home theatre to your TV so that you get a theatre like feel at the comfort of your living room. The TV can also be converted into a music player by simply switching off the screen. Thus, you get a more enhanced audio experience.
  • Wall Mount- The TV comes with wall mount brackets that also give you the option of installing it on the wall. This saves space especially if you have a compact room. This model gives you the flexible option of installing the TV either on the wall or tabletop, depending on your preference.
  • Reduced Motion Blur- The low response time of this model ensures a reduction in motion blur during fast action scenes. Thus, you can enjoy watching fast action movies, videos or play fast action games with clarity for a more enhanced immersive experience.
  • 24 Quality Checks- The Sanyo model goes through 24 stringent quality checks so that it ensures the TV does not have any defects. Thus, no worrying about panel failure.

What We Don’t Like?

  • Quality of Sound Could Be Enhanced- This TV comes with good sound quality. However, according to a user, if you wish to go for a richer sound for a more enhanced experience, additional exterior sound speakers are required.


The model possesses all the features required by you. It has a stunning visual along with powerful audio and a high refresh rate which reduced blur during fast motion scenes. Moreover, it has a good quality that ensures the durability of the product at an affordable price. Thus, this is an ideal choice for a value for money LED TV.

Anaida Sutherland

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