Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV KLV-32R422E (Black) (2017 model) Review

We have provided a detailed review of the Sony Bravia 80 Cm (32 Inches) HD Ready KLV-32R422E LED TV model.

Sony Bravia has brought us a great number of TV models with its own set of unique specifications. These models have been created with innovative ideas to provide entertainment easily in the best possible visual and audio quality. The Sony Bravia KLV-32R422E is an example of an innovative creation from this leading brand.

It comes with an LED screen having a size of 32 inches that is enhanced with its unique X-Reality Pro. This HD Ready display ensures a stunning image quality that is combined with clarity, contrast and vivid colors so that you obtain a realistic and comfortable visual experience.

The life-like viewing experience is enhanced with the Clear Audio+ technology as it fine-tunes the sound for more clarity.

The audio is well boosted with bass because of its in-built woofers. Thus, this TV is a powerhouse especially when it comes to sound. There are many other great features which we will discuss in detail in the following section of this article.

Features for Sony Bravia 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV KLV-32R422E (Black) (2017 model)

32 Inch HD Ready Display With X-Reality Pro

This model comes with an LED screen having a size of 32 inches, and it also features an HD Ready display. This allows a comfortable TV watching irrespective of the viewing angles.

Moreover, its display is powered with the X-Reality Pro that ensures clarity, color, and well-adjusted contrast by enhancing every pixel of the image. Thus, you obtain a clear and sharp picture that provides a life-like viewing experience.

Clear Audio+ for Vocal Clarity

The sound is enriched with a Clear Audio+ technology that allows you to listen to even the most minute details of the music and movie dialogues. It ensures clarity and greater separation of the audio. Moreover, the audio is fine-tuned so that you obtain a more immersive surround sound that enhances the life-like feel.

Powerful Bass Built-In Woofers

The model comes with built-in woofers that allow you to enjoy listening to bass riffs and other powerful audio. It also provides you with the feel of being present among the live audience while watching concerts and movies with intense, powerful soundtracks.

2 USB Ports with Multi-Format

The model comes with 2 USB ports that allow you to connect your pen drive and portable hard drives simultaneously. It supports multi-format USB play that enables you to easily plug in your USB device and view the stored movies, videos and photos on the big screen of your TV.

Let us look into the specifications of this model:

Screen Size32 Inches
DisplayHD Ready, LED, X-Reality Pro
Resolution1366 x 768 p
Refresh Rate50 Hertz
Audio30 Watt Output, Clear Audio+, Built-In Woofers
Additional FeaturesSmartphone Plug & Play, Multi-Format USB Play, X-Protection Pro, Multi-Indian Language Navigation
Connectivity Ports2 HDMI, 2 USB
Warranty1 Year

What Do We like

  • Easy Navigation In Preferred Indian Language- The TV supports navigation in multi-Indian Languages so you can easily choose the language of your preference and communicate the operations to the TV. This is a convenient feature for those who lack the knowledge of English. Thus, the TV is easy to operate for anyone.
  • X-Protection Pro Ensures Durability- This is the most durable and robust option to consider because of its X-Protection Pro that offers complete protection to the TV. The lack of ventilation holes prevents dust from entering while the Advanced protection protects against lightning. The model also has an anti-humidity coating on the circuit board so that it safeguards it from short circuits because of moisture. Lastly, the first capacitor shields the TV against the surge.
  • Smartphone Plug & Play- You can easily connect the TV to your Android smartphone using a USB cable. This enables you to enjoy watching all your stored movies, videos and photos on the big screen of your TV with better audio and visual quality. Moreover, the TV remote also helps in navigating and browsing through the contents of your smartphone.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not Smart For Price- This is not a smart TV which is a drawback as most TVs from other brands offer smart features at this price point. Thus, if you are looking for a smart TV, this is not an option to consider.


This model may not offer smart features. However, its display and powerful audio are enough to make it an option worth considering. You can display the stored contents including movies, images and videos using the multi-format USB and the Smartphone Plug & Play feature. Thus, if you are in search of a 32 Inch LED TV that guarantees a long-life as well, this would be a suitable choice.

Anaida Sutherland

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