Mi Led Tv 4C Pro 32 Inch HD Ready Android TV L32M5-AN Review

Xiaomi has emerged as a leading manufacturer of smartphones and smart TVs. Here we provide a detailed review of the Mi Led Tv 4C Pro 32 Inch HD Ready L32M5-AN Android TV.

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese Electronic manufacturing company that has taken over the markets with a storm. It has given us a wide range of smartphones, smart TVs and other consumer electronics under the brand name “Mi.”

The Mi Led Tv is a smart TV model that comes with a LED screen of 32 inches with an HD Ready display. It is powered by a 64-bit quad core processor that enhances the speed of the TV so that you can easily browse the net. The model has an Android based Operating System that ensures unlimited access to entertainment in a smart way that fits your needs.

It also comes with a DTS-HD sound quality that ensures a cinematic experience for you and your family in the comfort of your home. This Mi Android TV has a number of smart features that make it a suitable option to consider. We will now discuss the features, pros, and cons of this model in detail.

Features for Mi Led Tv 4C Pro 32 Inch HD Ready Android TV L32M5-AN

32 Inch LED Screen With Ultra-Bright HD Ready Display

The Mi 4C PRO comes with a LED screen with a standard screen size of 32 Inches. This is enhanced with an Ultra-bright HD Ready display having a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This ensures a clear picture quality with a vivid color combination that seems to come out to life. Thus, you obtain a realistic visual experience.

Android Oreo Based Operating System

The model comes with an Android Oreo Operating system that provides the TV with some smart features. You can easily gain access to Google Play, YouTube and many other apps from where you can choose your favorite movies, videos, etc. to watch them on the big screen of your TV.

DTS HD Stereo Speakers

It features stereo speakers that are powered with DTS HD technology. This ensures a more immersive sound experience that surrounds the entire room. Thus, you get a cinematic experience when teamed with the stunning HD visuals.

Mi Remote with Google Voice Search

The Mi Remote comes with a 360-degree free control that allows you to easily control the operations of your TV from any angle. It also features a voice search option which enables you to easily search for your favorite content by speaking the name of the content into the remote. This manages to save you time so that you can find the content quickly from the homepage itself. The model also features a TV guide for the easy discovery of content.

64 bit Quad Core processor

The Android TV is powered by a 64 bit Quad Core processor that also features a 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage. This ensures a more powerful performance of the TV so that you can easily browse through the net with super fast speed. It also prevents lagging and boots the TV in a quick and smooth way.

Let us look into the specifications of this model:

Screen Size32 Inches
DisplayLED, Ultra-bright, HD Ready display
Resolution1366 x 768 p
Refresh rate60 Hertz
Audio20 watt, Stereo Speakers, DTS HD
Operating systemAndroid Oreo
Processor64 bit Quad Core Processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB Storage
Smart FeaturesPatchwall, Built-in Chromecast, Bluetooth 4.2, Google Voice search
Warranty1 year on product+1 year on a panel

What Do We like

  • Revolutionary TV Experience with Patchwall- You can enjoy 700,000+ hours of your favorite content on the homepage of your smart TV with the help of Patchwall. This ensures access to entertainment in a smart and convenient manner. It provides you with a revolutionary TV watching experience.
  • Supports Table Top and Wall Mounting- The model comes with the option of installing it any way you prefer. You can simply place it on the tabletop of your living room or place it on the wall to save space. It has a strong and sturdy build that comes with wall brackets ensuring easy installation of the TV in a less time-consuming manner.
  • Wireless Screen Mirroring with Built-In Chromecast- The Android TV comes with a built-in Chromecast that lets you establish a wireless connection between your smartphone and TV. This allows you to display and share the contents of your smartphone directly on to the TV screen. Thus, you can enjoy watching your favorite content on the big screen, along with your loved ones.
  • Supports Bluetooth Technology- It supports Bluetooth 4.2 technology which allows you to easily connect the TV with Bluetooth headsets and sound bars. This boosts the overall sound experience.

What We Don’t Like

  • No Access to Netflix- The Mi store present in the TV does not have access to download Netflix. This because of Netflix’s policies related to smart TVs. This restricts you from watching your favorite desired shows from these apps on the big screen of your TV.


The Mi 4C PRO 32 Inch Android TV offers a variety of unique specifications that ensure access to entertainment in a convenient way. The HD ready display and the DTS HD stereo speakers ensure a cinematic experience for the viewers. Moreover, it comes in an affordable price range and meets the needs of every modern consumer. Thus, if you are in search of an affordable Android smart TV that is powered with a Quad Core Processor, this is an ideal option.

Anaida Sutherland

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