Singer HC30T Heat Convector Review

Singer Company is majorly known for manufacturing sewing machines. The brand also manufactures room heaters and other home appliances. Products from the Singer brand are made with quality material which makes it strong and durable.

Singer HC30T heat convector is among the best appliances made by the Singer Company. This product has a light indicator that will help you know about power status. A carry handle makes it simple for one to carry.

Power rating

This appliance has a power rating of 2000 watts hence your room will heat with no time.

Heat setting

This room heater has two heat settings. The low heat setting operates with a power of 1000 watts while the higher heat setting operates with a power of 2000 watts. With the low heat setting, you will be able to save more on power. It also has a twin-turbo which will increase the temperature across the heating-space.

Adjustable stand

This appliance comes with an adjustable stand which will allow you direct air to a certain direction that you like. The stand is easily adjusted and it has pads that will hold it strongly on the surface to prevent sliding.

Light indicator

This appliance comes with a light indicator that will show you when the appliance power is ON easily. The light will also help at night in knowing where the appliance is placed to avoid knocking it down.

Carry handle

Singer HC30T heat convector comes with a carry handle which will allow you to carry the appliance at any room.

Thermal cut-out

This appliance has a thermal cut-out feature which will switch off the appliance the moment it overheats. This will help in preventing damages caused by heat to your appliance. It also helps in preventing tripping. It also has a thermostat which helps in controlling the temperature settings.

Compact design

This appliance has a compact size. This will help in reducing the storage space needed to keep the appliance.

Operating voltage

This room heater requires a voltage supply of 230 volts for it to operate effectively.

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What Do We like


This appliance comes with a warrant of one year. The warrant caters to defects from the manufacturer only.


This room heater weighs about 3.32 kilogram hence you can easily carry it from one room to the other.

Heat Convector

This appliance operates with the help of a heat convector. The process involves heating the air by taking it in contact with the hot-coils. Then the heated warm air rises & spreads and spreads across the room leading to heating of the air inside a room. With this, your room will be heated evenly.

Quiet operation

This room heater operates silently hence you will have a convenient and comfortable environment.

What We Don’t Like

Can’t be effective in a bigger room


Singer HC30T heat convector has an adjustable stand which will help in directing the air to a specific area. This appliance is safe for use because it has a thermal cut off feature which will greatly help in preventing overheating of the appliance. The neon light will help you locate the appliance at night.

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