Orient Electric HC2003D Fan Heater Review

Orient is a manufacturing company that makes home appliances. This brand makes a variety of appliances which includes coolers, heaters, electric kettles, sandwich maker, and others. Products made by Orient brand are of high quality and affordable.

Orient electric HC2003D fan heater is among the room heaters made by the Orient brand. This appliance is available in black. It comes with a carry handle, which makes it simple when carrying it. It also has an adjustable stand to allow you direct air to a specific area. This fan heater is meant for spot-heating.

Power rating

This appliance has a power rating of 2000 watts. This will greatly help in heating your room quickly.

Operational voltage

This room heater requires a voltage of 230 volts. The current should have a frequency of 50 Hertz.

Light indicator

Orient electric HC2003D fan heater has a light indicator that will show you when the room heater power is ON and when it is OFF. The light indicator will also help you in locating the appliance at night.

Carry handle

This room heater comes with a carry handle which makes it easy to carry the appliance from one room to the other.

Two fans speed

This room heater has two fan speeds for faster heating. You will be able to change the speed easily with the help of a knob.

Heat setting

Orient electric HC2003D fan heater has a thermostat control knob that will assist you in setting a specific temperature for a particular time.

Adjustable stand

With an adjustable stand, you will easily change the direction of dispersed heat. The stand will also hold the appliance above the ground.

Grill mesh

All the heating elements are well housed for safety to your family.

Compact design

Orient electric HC2003D fan heaters have a compact size, which makes it occupy less space in your room.

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What Do We like


This appliance comes with a warrant of one year, which starts the date you purchase the appliance.


This room heater weighs 3.46 kilograms. This makes it easy & comfortable for you to carry from one room to the other.

Simple to operate

These appliances require expert skills for you to operate. And in case of further guidance, a user manual is provided.


The body of this room heater is made of metal material, which makes it durable.


This room heater operates quietly; hence you will have a suitable environment for you to rest.

Power cord

This appliance has a power cord, which makes it flexible. The power cord is well insulated to prevent any kind of electrocution.

Thermal cut

When a certain temperature is reached, the appliance switches automatically to prevent overheating.

What We Don’t Like

The quality of this appliance needs to be improved.


Orient electric HC2003D fan heater comes with a carry handle, which makes it simple to carry around. With thermostat control, you will be able to control the different heat settings depending on what you like. With a thermal cut feature, your appliance will be free from damages caused by excess heating.

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