Orient Electric Areva FH20WP Fan Room Heater Review

Orient Company manufactures home appliances. The brand has specialized in manufacturing air coolers, mix grinder, dry iron water heater, room heater, and more others. This brand manufactures its products using the latest technology; hence the appliance will be of the best quality.

Orient electric Areva FH20WP fan room heater is among the best selling appliances made by the Orient brand. This product is available in white and is meant for spot-heating.


Room size

This room heater is capable of heating a room that has a size of up to 180 square feet.

Adjustable thermostat

This appliance comes with an adjustable thermostat for you to change the heat setting modes. This appliance comes with two heat settings. Low heat setting has a heating power of 1000 Watts, and the high heat setting operates with a power of 2000 Watts. The low heat setting uses less power, which makes the appliance energy efficient.

Power cord

This appliance comes with a long power cord, which has a length of 1.3 meters. This makes the appliance flexible. The cord is well made and insulated to prevent any kind of electrocution.


This room heater has dual purposes, i.e., can be used for cooling your room. The fan operates at 2300 rotation per minute. This makes the appliance suitable for winter and summer use.

Power rating

Orient electric Areva FH20WP fan room heater has a power rating of 2000 watts. This will greatly help in heating your room very fast and efficiently.

Metal mesh

The appliance comes with a metal mesh that houses the heating element giving you and your family member safety.

Bi-directional placement choice

This room heater can be placed in a vertical or horizontal depending on the way you will like.

Carry handle

With a carry handle, you will be able to take this appliance from one room to the other.

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What Do We like


Orient electric Areva FH20WP fan room heater comes with a one year warranty which covers manufacturing faults only. The warrant date begins the date you will purchase the appliance.


This appliance body is made using ABS plastic material, which is strong and durable.

Powerful motor

The motor which rotates the fan of this appliance is made completely with copper, which makes it durable.

Safe for use

This room heater is certified by ISI standard; hence it is safe for you. Furthermore, it has five levels of the guard that provides improved safety.


The appliance comes with a stand that will hold the appliance above the floor for convenience.

Light indicator

This appliance comes with a light indicator that will help you in determining whether the power supply is ON or OFF.


This appliance weighs about 1.2 kilograms; hence it can be easily carried from one place to the other.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed so far


Orient electric Areva FH20WP fan room heater has thermostat control, which will allow you to control the heat you need at a given time. With a fan, you can easily use this appliance as a cooler during summertime. It has a carry handle and is light in weight, making it simple and easy to carry.

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