Refrigerators Under INR 30,000

If you are looking for refrigerators under INR 30,000, you can be sure you will find very decent ones with almost all the features. At least five people can use the fridges.

You are sure to find one with power-saving technology, an excellent cooling system, and overall good performance.

There are many types of refrigerators available under INR 30000. Before you make an investment, ensure to follow the important points to ensure an informed purchase.

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What to expect from refrigerators under INR 30,000

Now that you have at least 30,000 INR to spend, you must take your time to look at the features so that you get the best in the market. You will find most of the features are almost similar in almost all the brands, but generally, this is what to expect:

Interior and Exterior Design

  • The shelves are made of toughened glass material that can hold the weight of up to 150 kgs. You can, therefore, store heavy utensils easily.
  • It has a convertible design that can convert the freezer area to a fridge, which gives you more space to store your food – space of up to 80 liters.
  • An ice-maker that can twist and move and make ice cubes faster.
  • It comes with a big bottle guard, which means you can store and cool big bottles efficiently.
  • It is well lit as it has lighting that illuminates all the corners.
  • It comes in double doors and multiple doors.

Performance and power-saving features

  • Some refrigerators under INR 30000 have a Dual-Fan technology, which allows you to set different temperatures for each section ensuring that air is distributed evenly in all sections.
  • There is a door alarm that alerts you in case you leave the door open for more than 2 minutes. This is a power-saving device that ensures your doors are always locked.
  • You can control and adjust the temperatures according to your needs due to the LED digital display.
  • It comes with an intelligent mode that helps to cool the fridge before defrosting.
  • Bacteria cannot survive here due to Anti-Bacterial Technology that not only kills but also prevents their growth.
  • It is installed with Zeolite Technology – this helps in maintaining the freshness of fruits by preventing overripening.

Comparison between refrigerators under INR 20,000 and under INR 30,000

If you are a bit curious about what you would get if you had INR 30,000 to spend, have a look at this comparison. You will be surprised to see that most of the important features are in the refrigerators under INR 20,000 (15,000 – 20,000).

FeaturesRefrigerators under INR 20,000 Refrigerators under INR 30,000
Sizethe capacity of 200-250 litersThe capacity of up to 350 liters
StyleSingle doors and double doors only.Double doors and Multiple doors
6th sense active fresh technologyNot availableAvailable
Air boosterNot available Available
Swift convertible technology – can convert a fridge to a freezerAvailableAvailable
The digital display on the front door Not availableAvailable
Power efficiency3 and a 4-star rating3 and a 4-star rating


Refrigerators under INR 30,000 are fully loaded with almost all the features, and they not only make your food storage experience pleasurable, but they also ensure you save on energy.