Samsung 324 L Inverter Double Door Refrigerator (RT34M5538S8/HL) Review


We use a refrigerator to store and preserve our food. Food gets spoilt because of bacteria that act on them. At low temperatures, the activity of these bacteria is reduced. Whenever we keep our food in the refrigerator, we are reducing the activity of bacteria.

For example, when we keep milk on our kitchen cabinets, it can spoil in a couple of hours, but when the same milk is kept in a refrigerator, it can last for a couple of weeks. A refrigerator maintains fruits and food freshness for a long time.

Samsung has been a very trusted brand in India. This brand has made 324 L Inverter Frost Double Door Refrigerator. With this product, you can keep your food fresh for an extended period without getting dried and unusable. With the product 70% humidity environment, bacteria activity is highly minimized.

Twin Cooling

Samsung has designed this product to have a 70% humidity environment for your food. Your food will remain fresh and will not dry off on time. Also, bacteria have less effect on your food. This makes the food to last long. The improved design of the old fridges makes you enjoy fresher food.

Digital Inverter

The fridge has a technological feature that regulates the speed of its compressor. The cooling rate across the seven levels of this product is controlled. This makes the refrigerator to use little electrical power with low noise. You will be able to enjoy it for a longer time.

LED Light

You can easily find anything you place in the refrigerator at night. The product has an inbuilt LED light. People love the product shape, which is pretty slim and cool. You can get better illumination with the LED bulb in the fridge. This is an improved design of old products.

Power Freeze

The product quick freezing property makes food chill faster. It is 31% cooler than the old TMF freezer. Once you place your food inside the product. Then press the power freeze button and leave the food for a couple of hours. When next you check for the food, It will be chilled.

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What Do We like

A high five conversion modes

For you to enjoy this product feature, turn on the conversion button. Then your freezer will turn into the fridge. If you don’t need the freezer compartment, you can switch it off. By doing these, you are saving your power cost and conserving energy.

Digital Inverter

You will love the crisp sound of this fridge, and its less power consumption rates. Kudos to Samsung on this product.

Deodorizing Filter

Any food kept in the refrigerator is odorless. The fridge has an inbuilt filter that removes all offensive odor and distributes fresh air into the fridge. The principle is that the bad air is passed into an activated filter. Then your food retains its typical taste and stays odorless.

What We Don’t Like

Single Bottle guard

This product is pretty cool. You love all its features but just that it has a single guard that contains big bottles.


This product is so cool. It is highly recommended for its energy-saving and faster cooling rate.

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