Panasonic 336 Ltr 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator (NR-BG341VSS3) Review

While buying a refrigerator, we have to pay attention to its various specifications and see if they match our requirements. You must not make a final buying decision until you are 100% sure.

The Panasonic frost-free refrigerator is 100% user-friendly and efficient. Moreover, it is brought to us by Panasonic- a reliable and trustworthy brand dealing with the manufacture of home appliances.

Econavi and inverter Technology

The econavi sensors maintain ideal cooling and avoid energy wastage. It helps the inverter adjust the frequency of rotation of the motor and optimize cooling performances. Hence, it saves energy.

AG Clean Technology

The AG clean Technology keeps the fruits, vegetables, and food fresh by removing odor, bacteria, molds, and other harmful contaminants. It cleans the circulating air to deactivate mold and bacteria.

Veg Jumbo Storage: 35L

The refrigerator comes with a vast storage space of 3365 L. The vegetable box features a capacity of 35L, making enough room for storing food and stocking up fruits and vegetables for an entire week.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The sturdy glass shelves have been tested to hold heavy pots and utensils and vegetables like pumpkin, etc. They can hold weight up to 100 Kg

Door pockets

The door pockets facilitate both horizontal and vertical storage of spice boxes. They keep the shelves tidy, and one does not have to shuffle through the contents to find the desired item.

Height Adjustable Shelves

The height of the shelves can be adjusted as per the requirement. It ensures efficient storage and convenience.

Humidity Control

Excess humidity can easily be controlled with the help of the control slider. One can manually control moisture and set the optimum temperature ideal for the vegetables and fruits stored.

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What Do We like

Huge storage capacity

The refrigerator has a vast storage capacity of 336 L to store food, fruits, and vegetables in bulk.


The refrigerator has a sturdy build. The toughened glass doors can hold weight up to 100 kg, making the fridge highly durable.

Long term freshness

AG clean Technology keeps the fruits, vegetables, and food fresh for an extended period by removing odor, bacteria, molds, and other harmful contamination, and the econavi sensors provide ideal cooling.


The adjustable shelves and the convenient door pockets make storage easy. Also, to attain an optimum temperature and control humidity, the control sliders can manually be adjusted.

What We Don’t Like

High electricity consumption

Compared to direct cool technology, the frost-free model of this double door refrigerator increases electricity consumption as it requires electric fans to circulate the cold air.


The refrigerator comes with an econavi technology which provides ideal cooling while the AG clean technology keeps fruits and vegetables fresh fora more extended period. The fridge is durable, has enormous storage space, and is ideal for all households.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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