Haier (HRF-3554BS-E) 335 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Review

Haier Corporation is one of the leading electronics companies in the world that is based in China. They have always focused on product quality for customer satisfaction. They also manufacture air conditioners, washing machine, microwave as well as refrigerators.

This is a 3-star rated double door refrigerator from Haier with a storage capacity of 335 liters. It comes with toughened shelves, auto defrosting, and can also operate without any stabilizer. This is a premium refrigerator with tons of features. The design and color of this fridge are subtle, and it’s lightning tower LED’s are eye-catching.

Quick icing technology

This premium refrigerator comes with rapid icing technology. With its new technological initiative, it can make ice within an hour only. From a higher temperature, it can drop down to -5 degrees within 60 minutes only.

Stabilizer free operation

This double door refrigerator can be operated without any stabilizer at a very low voltage range from 135-290 volts only. This product comes with a built-in stabilizer that can handle any power fluctuation.

Vegetable basket

The large vegetable basket that comes with this refrigerator is placed at the bottom. You can store all the fruits and vegetables in it to be fresh and long-lasting.

Freezer compartment

In this refrigerator, the freezer compartment is situated at the top, which means straight to your eye level. The express freezing technology in the freezer ensures that it makes ice pretty quickly and lets you make ice cream or store frozen foods in the large freezer compartment.

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What Do We like

Auto defrost

The frost-free technology which is also known as auto defrosting feature. This will ensure that the ice on your freezer cannot build more than a fair amount and keeps the refrigerator frost free all the time. Also, the modern technology refrigerator comes with cooling pads built-in, which will keep the fridge cool for up to 10 hours in the events of a power cut.

360-degree airflow

This refrigerator is equipped with multiple airflow vents to distribute the cool air to every corner of the fridge. This helps to keep all the food and beverages stay fresh and controls the humidity level. It also reduces the work pressure from the compressor, making it more long-lasting in the long run.

Toughened glass shelves

The shelves of this high-end Haier refrigerator are made with toughened glass to increase its durability. These shelves can hold a weight of up to 120kg and shock you with its strength. They do not break easily and are very sturdy.

Storage capacity

This Haier refrigerator comes with a huge space of 335 liters. This is an ideal fridge for families with five or more members. You can store lots of stuff inside the refrigerator that will remain fresh and would be more than enough for the whole family. Never run out of space anymore with this Haier refrigerator.

Advance control system

On the inside of the refrigerator, there is a regulator placed near the freezer area. You can control the temperature of the fridge as per your needs. Also, you can control the freezer temperature too using this regulator.

Energy efficient

This spacious Haier refrigerator is rated 3-star technology. This means it will save the electricity bill all over up to an extent. Compared to non-star refrigerators, it will save you up to 15-20% of electricity per annum.

What We Don’t Like

Inverter compressor

This is a premium quality mid-ranged refrigerator from Haier, and yet it does not come with an inverter compressor. This means electricity consumption would be a little higher than usual.


This premium Haier refrigerator has all the needed features except for the smart inverter compressor. The LED lighting system is very good, and also it comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and ten years warranty on the compressor. This is a good value for money, and you should go for it without hesitating.

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Koushik Mondal

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